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Bedbug small bloodsucking insect in bedding.

This discussion is about "Bedbug small bloodsucking insect in bedding." in the "Fitness & Health" forums.
sa foam na mostly nagmutate bro.. sa kilid sa foam.. tanawa na.. daghan kaau na sila! ang solution ana, palit ug new matress... sunoga nalang ...

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    sa foam na mostly nagmutate bro..
    sa kilid sa foam.. tanawa na.. daghan kaau na sila!

    ang solution ana, palit ug new matress... sunoga nalang na or labay..hehehe
    bisan imo pana ibuwad sa init, still naa gihapon na mahibilin..

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    buy new sheets

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    Spray insecticide in the seams of the mattress as well as the cracks in the bed. Make sure you spray throughly.
    NOW REMEMBER THIS: The eggs are not affected by the insecticide, so they will hatch and there will be new bedbugs no matter how thoroughly you spray. So you have to spray again after a week. A third application after another week might be desirable.

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    Default Re: Bedbug small bloodsucking insect in bedding.

    Ang solution ana kay palit ka alcohol kana 70-90%.. og mouthwash + Pesticide..
    E mix cya den e butang sa spray bottle.

    Den e gawas nimo imo mga gamit.. dapat cabinet na lng mabibilin..

    sprayhan nimo tibook kwarto nimoll kay sahay naa na sa kisame or suok.
    den usa usahon nimo og sulod balik.
    Grabe sad na mo suksuk sa mga libro.. tagsa tagsaa jd og maau.

    Mao ra na solution for me..

    Bisan pa imo na sunogon imo bed. sayang lang kaau... naa ra jd ghapon na..
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    Default Re: Bedbug small bloodsucking insect in bedding.

    Wow. Maayo ni nga thread. I would like to share these pieces of information about bed bugs.

    Bed bugs thrive in cool dry corners. Mo-suok ni sila sa mga ngilit-ngilit sa inyong mga kama, lingkuranan, ug uban pa.

    Bed bugs cannot tolerate high temperatures. Yes it is true. There is a certain temperature nga nakalimot lang ko kung pila which is more or less equivalent to the heat of the noon sunshine. Molayas ni sila kung init ang lugar nga ilang gitagoan. In fact, one company in the U.S. which specializes in pest control was doing an experiment of blowing hot wind inside a house. The result was impressive—a lot of bed bugs were killed virtually eliminating the entire population bed bugs in that house. However, the downside is that mahal kaayo ang maong service.

    Bed bugs can survive for a year (or more) without food. They feed on blood alone. So bisag walay nagpuyo anang kwartoha and naay history sa bed bug infestation ang maong lawak, then expect nalang nga mobalik ni sila—like a vampire. Bwahahaha

    According to research, adult bed bugs may be killed with pesticides but not their eggs. Self-explanatory. hehehe

    Now, what I did before sa akong karaan nga boarding house was nagpainit ko ug init tubig. Pagbukal na, gibo-bo nako sa akong higdaanan ang init kaayo nga tubig then gisiguro nako hasta ang mga kilidē ani. Then ang akong mattress kay akong gibuwad sa ibabaw sa atop ug 5 days kay atol sad nga nag El Niņo to that time. Nag-second round ko ug bobo and guess what? Wa nay mga kuting human nako to buhata.

    Sounds like a messy procedure yet effective man sad. Bisag pesticides inyong gamiton to eliminate them, mobalik lang gihapon kay ang itlog ug uban nga nag-tago sa ngilit di man maabtan sa pesticides. Sometimes, maka-tolerate pa ni sila ug chemicals as far as I'm concerned.

    Mao ra to mga higala. Salamat!
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    Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, so they are more likely to be seen around 4-5 am, when they are most active. It is best to use the services of a company that can quickly eliminate bedbugs. You can also do the bed bug exterminator yourself. If, nevertheless, these are bedbugs, urgently take on their destruction.

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