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Are you the parent of a strong-willed child?

This discussion is about "Are you the parent of a strong-willed child?" in the "Family Matters" forums.
I'm a parent of a young girl and a young boy. And its really hard raising a child. All of us want them to be ...

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    Default Are you the parent of a strong-willed child?

    I'm a parent of a young girl and a young boy. And its really hard raising a child. All of us want them to be good and its really a battle when they are misbehaving. Sometimes i'm reading books about's a book that can be a guide, you could try it, it might work.

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    I have no children, but I remember myself and my sister as children.
    So, my sister was very stubborn, strong-willed, always set a goal and achieved it. She studied well at school, attended all possible classes, wanted to be the best everywhere.
    And I was not like her at all. That is, I was not indifferent, passive or anything like that, but I often allowed myself to be lazy. I did only what I wanted and what I considered necessary. If I didn't enjoy something, it was hard for me to force myself to do it.
    And my parents always compared me to my sister, telling me to be like her or I wouldn't be successful.
    But we both grew up and I can't say that I'm worse than my sister.
    I found the activity I like and started making money from it. I do what I want and I'm happy.
    But the sister even has nervous breakdowns when something does not work out for her or something turns out imperfectly.

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