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Share your upbringings

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Hello Guys, Share some thoughts of your upbringings? How you've been raised by your Mother & Father. How did they impact on what you are ...

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    Lightbulb Share your upbringings

    Hello Guys,

    Share some thoughts of your upbringings? How you've been raised by your Mother & Father.
    How did they impact on what you are today?

    Because our family is all Bond no one could take it away.

    Maybe we could get some ideas here on how to raise future child of ours.
    Just make it fun and just share your thoughts.

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    Raised by a single parent since I was two years old.

    My Dad only let us follow the Golden rule and value education
    when we were still young. He's not strict on grades, he gives
    us our favorite food and ice cream (and not meds) when we
    get sick because he believes our body will recover once we
    nourish ourselves with our cravings lols.

    When it comes to relationships, he's quite old-fashioned (maybe
    because he used to have a lot of girlfriends in the past and he
    dreads the thought of having his daughters get hurt and maltreated
    by men) -- so he can be strict.

    As for child rearing, he pleads not to spank or physically hurt them
    because he doesn't believe that would change the behavior of the kids
    for the better. It would only create a gap between a parent and a child.
    Just love them and give more time because that would make the kids
    feel special and appreciated.

    So far, ningdagko mi, dili mi abusado na pagkatawo hehehe
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    Nabuhi ko na lain-lain ang gipuy an. Naay amahan pero wala mi ilha. Gibilin mi sa iyaha ginikanan sukad namatay amua mama. Malipay ra sya nga himuon mi og tsimay sa iyaha mga igsoon og iyaha mama og papa. Pagkawalay puangod. Walay love og care sa amua gyud. So nagdako ko nga hate kaayo sya.daghan kaayo koy insecurities sa una before ko nagkapamilya og akoa.

    Sa karon minyo na ko perte ka love kaayo nako akoa kaugalingun na pamilya. Dili ko strict sa akoa bata, dili sab ko manakit nya. Istorya ra jud ko taman ky gisumpa jud to nako nga time nga sige kog bunalan sa una. Mao never jud nako nadapatan akoa bata. Kaluoy ni Lord, kabuotan man sakoa anak. Langas kaayo sya pero maminaw og responsible na bata. Lambing kaayo opposite sakoa sa bata pa ko. I think tinuod jud ng giingon na kung unsay giinvest nimo sa imuha anak, mobalik sa imuha.

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    sa una sigehan ko ug kulata sa akong papa ang resulta kay namaayo ko mu karate..kita mo sa akong avatar? hahahahaha
    bitaw, lisud kay strict kaau akong parents. eventually I understood that it was all for me but it was one hell of a process. niagi jud ug rebelde and what nots. so I wouldn't recommend that kind of upbringing but I would say a little spanking is necessary esp when gagmay pa ug di pa kaau kasabut ug tarong nga istorya.

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    I was raised by my grandma. Strikto pero sakto ra. But pagcollege nko.. Diri nko cebu.. Alone.. And makaingon jud ko na mao jud nka mold pagmaayo nko karun.. Tong pagtungtong nkog cebu. I was a shy kid, and I tovercome it tong naa no diria. Kay ug d ka motingog.. Magutman ka.

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    not that good and not that bad either. so-so lang. and grateful where i am today

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