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This discussion is about "LOVE vs/and RELIGION" in the "Family Matters" forums.
Originally Posted by NudeFreak Me and my wife have different religion. I'm a roman catholic and she's a born again christian. We do not have ...

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Couple with different religion

    Quote Originally Posted by NudeFreak
    Me and my wife have different religion. I'm a roman catholic and she's a born again christian. We do not have a child yet but i was thinking what if naa na nya mi baby unya ako siya tudloan pagpanguros, what if maglibog unya siya kay ngano iya mama dili man manguros?

    you both teach the child the right thing if you yourself knows what is the right ang after all kung dako na cya she can dcide kung unsa iya pilion, basta naa lang mo sa iyahya mag guide no probs....

    no more advice kay ^^^ ila na nahatag............

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Couple with different religion

    ubay2x sad gyud diay tang parehag scenario ninyo sa? pero bilib ko ninyo dah kay inyo family is naka-survive ra pud... yes we will also survive this prob, i know. i really hope we can be one family in going to church a family that prays together stay together ra ba gyud hinoon nagkasabot ra man sad mi sa ako wife nga roman catholic ang amo i-introduce sa bata while he/she is still young and later on let him/her decide na dayon.

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Couple with different religion

    religion should be put out of the equation... religion doesn't have anything to do with faith or principles... it doesn't have anything to do with how your child will become... impart the good ones... impart what you truly believe in and not what religion forces you to believe... read the bible and you will know what is right or what is wrong... what practices to avoid and what practices to adopt... religion is just a medium used by hypocrites to either look good or feel holy... it will still boil down to what you are...

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    Default my girlfriend wants me to convert (religion)

    my girlfriend wants me to convert (religion)

    I'm a catholic and she's a protestant or born again christian or whatever.

    The first time she asked me to go was when I was at her church to fetch her after their practice. She was already telling all her friends that I was gonna go there tommorow (Sunday).. I was just smiling and all that, not trying to make a fuss with all her friends around. That night we had a fight 'cause I wouldn't go. She hadn't asked me to go yet and she goes on telling her friends that I'd go? To make things better, I told her not to worry 'cause I promise that next week I'll be there. Things were fine after that.

    Next week arrived, mass was over, she was happy..
    Me: "Maybe you're expecting me to transfer and be a member of this church? I have no plans pa" (or something like that)
    She: "Wala man..."

    Weeks later...

    "Do you love me?" "'Cause I want you to do something for me, for us, I know you probably won't and don't want to do it.." "It'll make me and a lot of other people happy" "I want you to go to my church this Sunday" "And not just this Sunday, but twice or thrice a month"...

    I agreed to go this Sunday, but twice or thrice a month? I couldn't.. Soooo.. We had a fight over the phone.
    ako: pls ayaw ko pugsa..
    she: wala man tkaw gi-pugos
    ako: pero magbulag ta if dli nako buhaton?
    she: i don't know.. i'll think about it pa..
    ako: ha? magbulag ta coz of that? but gamay ra kaayo na nga reason.. gamay ra kaayo na nga butang para magbulag dayon
    she: No it's not gamay... u don't understand..
    The conversation went something like that. hehehe

    I think her thinking is being influenced by other churchgoers 'cause they also want me to go there and be a convert.
    There's this woman who owns the place she works in, and who's also a wife of their pastor, let's just call her Mel.
    ako: nagstorya mo about ani Mel gniha? nga ganahan sya mo-adto ko sa inyo church?
    she: oo..
    ako: unsa man iya gisulti? na dli maayo ng lahi og church ang mag-uyab?
    I can't remember what went after that.

    It's not that big a deal really. What's so hard about joining or transferring to a new church right? I'm not even a devout catholic. And sometimes I even think that it's much better to be a protestant because (I believe) they are less hypocritical than the catholic church. And my reasons for not transferring there are not even strong, it's just personal. Yes she'd be happy if I transferred, but the fact that ONE OF THE REASONS she's making me do it is to meet other people's (her church people) expectations makes me not wanna do it even more.

    I want to let her understand that it's not that big a deal.. you just go to your church, and I go to my church.. what's wrong with that? Yes I know that it'd be much better if the couple went to the same church, but I just can't. We're not even married yet, jeez!

    Am I being unreasonable? Should I just give in? What do you guys think I should do? Opinions..

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    Default Re: my girlfriend wants me to convert (religion)

    yaw pconvert wui!!

    psabta na imo gf na dli ra kana ang importante sa usa ka relationship!!

    if love jud ka niya y man niingon na xa wala xa khbw kung mgbuwag ba mo or dli kung dli ka mgpaconvert beh??

    mabaw ra man cguri kaau iyang love para nmo..i think she loves her friends and religion
    more that u..

    if u can, give space for yourselves una and then try 2 see things more clearly para walai mahayay!!!if u know wat i mean....

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    Default Re: my girlfriend wants me to convert (religion)

    Mura mani ug sugilanon sa duha ka manag uyab. Na maayo kaayo si Dra rosaroso ani.

    Btaw bro ayaw jud padala if you think yours is the real one that will lead and guide you to Heaven. Think it many times before deciding it esp that you are still both lovers. When you get married, having different faith and religion will truly destroy your relationship.

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    Default Re: my girlfriend wants me to convert (religion)

    think bout that a million times or more..

    the point here s religion.. bsn nsa nimo cia ka love,
    wa pa mn pud assurance na kmo na..
    wat f d jud kamo? then ngpaconvert ka?
    d kha ka mgregret n da end?
    n f ever kamo pud jud, mao ra pud na inyo
    awayan kay d mgkasinabtanay inyo religion..

    ive known some na d daw mo matter
    pero n d end mao ra jud pirmi issue y
    magsige away.. n d end annuled ghapon punta..

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    Default Re: my girlfriend wants me to convert (religion)

    Bro, kung ako nimo ayaw gyud.... Dako kaayo kagaguhan pa convert ka...

    and besides kung love ninyo ang usa'g usa, i think reliion is not a big issue,

    tan-aw nako dire ang nagpagubot aning inyo relasyon kay ang mga tawong gitawag nga "banal na aso santong kabayo" ahak ana oi, magbuwag tungod dili ka paconvert? i dont think so...

    Kung ako pa ana... bro take note ha? kung ako dili ikaw.. wala ko mnagsuggest na imo ni buhaton...

    kung ako buwagan ko nio tungod dili ko mo pa convert... maski unsa tka ka love... GO to Hell and **** the devil! nabuang ka hehehhe... pwede man mo pakasal sa ilang simbahan ug sa inyoha, or kung dili pwede 2 times wedding or kung dili man gyud, pakasal sibil or kung dili sya sugot pakasal sibil, aw ASAL nalng walay kasal hehehe

    Bad influence man ko oi... hehehe basta bro ayaw sugot oi... kung makig buwag na sya tungod sa iyang relegion
    makaingon ko na nainfluence gyud na sya sa iyang palibot na puro taitok... and what is the meaning of love ba?

    meaning of love sa imong uyab ... religion ba? KALOKOHAN ingon sa mga tagalahug ay este tagalog diay

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    Default Re: my girlfriend wants me to convert (religion)

    well my grandfather was a buddist and my grandmother was a catholic... and nag pa convert siya para iya iminyo ang akong lola.. i think my grandfather had no other choice.. wakokoko... good man... good man...

    ingna nalang convert mo ug muslim para daghan ka asawa..

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    Default Re: my girlfriend wants me to convert (religion)

    don't force yourself from converting to her the way, love is not measured that love her, she loves you, two people having different beliefs still makes sense..explain to her your reasons (and i think you did) and if she really loves, she'll respect your preference..well, i have a neighbor (married) couple (the man was Muslim, the woman a Catholic), their religion preferences never hindered their love and take note their daughter is Catholic..

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