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Unsaon pag pa sabot sa imo inahan?

This discussion is about "Unsaon pag pa sabot sa imo inahan?" in the "Family Matters" forums.
unsaon man nko pag sulti nya na ihunong na nya iyang bisyo na dili sad xa ma offend... i respect my mom so much bsan ...

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    Default Unsaon pag pa sabot sa imo inahan?

    unsaon man nko pag sulti nya na ihunong na nya iyang bisyo na dili sad xa ma offend... i respect my mom so much bsan pa she's using drugs.. mag lagot ko kay nausab jud iyang batasan pirmi xa dali masuko pls help guys..

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    Default Re: my mom is using drugs

    ^^I don't mean to pry into private family matters but since you're posting and looking for advice can you please clarify a few matters please for me and others? So as being well-informed we can provide you better counsel...

    1) Your mother is addicted to what particular drug? Marijuana? Cocaine? Shabu? Or is she taking over the counter drugs like sleeping pills and anti-depressants?

    2) How long has your mother been continuing her addiction?

    3) Has there ever been a time that she strove to stop and cleanse herself? Has she undergone treatment or rehabilitation?

    4) Is your mother working or making a business? How is she able to acquire funds to fuel her addiction?

    5) And if it isn't too personal, could you please share what you know that brought on your mother's drug addiction.

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    Default Re: my mom is using drugs

    she's using shabu, i don't know what's her real problem... we talk before she said naa lang prob. about ni dady and i don't think na mao jud na iyang reason y nag take xa ug drugs. last 2004 ko naka hibaw about sa iyang bisyo... wala man xa niagi ug treatment ug murag wala cyay plan na muhunong sa iyang bisyo. nausab iyang batasan lahi ra xa sa una karon dali na xa masuko pirmi mi nya singkahan...i think nag sugod ni kato naa pa cya sa abroad i heard na iyang mga frens ngadto is addict too... many times nko nakig talk niya pero way epek... some of my frens advice me na dapat daw mangisog ko para matauhan daw xa... pero dili man nko kaya... every night i pray n sana d nlang ko mu mata it really hurts me everytime makakita ko niya na amats au ug nawng... i've in a point na gusto nako mag suicide but i think its not the right way to solve my prob..we don't have a business my dad is working abroad dha xa mukuha sa iyang pang sustento sa iyang drugs. hay!!!! pila na ka years xa nag bisyo wala jud koy nabuhat para mapa hunong xa... i'm useless...

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    Default Re: my mom is using drugs

    Al-Che, sorry to hear about your family problem. Does your Dad know? Maybe your Mom needs to go into counselling for that. She needs help that is not good for her or for her family at all. Maybe you can talk to your Dad about it and route the money he sends for family support to you or your older bro or sis who is responsible enough to take care of finances instead of sending it to your Mom. That way she wont get a hold of the money to buy drugs. If your Dad sends monthly she is just going to use that as accessory for her drug use and its really no good. I hope she will come to her senses and wont waste her life away like that before its too late. If she really cares and loves her family she should stop.

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    Default Re: my mom is using drugs

    Your story is not a rare one. I know there's a lot out there and maybe much worse. Try consulting your uncles or aunts? (kanang brod or sis sa imong mom nga close niya).

    Do something before it goes out of hand.

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    Default Re: my mom is using drugs

    lisod2x raba jud ang tao mohunong ana basta nasugdan na.

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    Default Re: my mom is using drugs

    do something about it na, karon na! let her attend counselling..ask help fom ur close relatives or ur dad!
    u doin suicide??i would not help! maksala paka..

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    Default Re: my mom is using drugs

    kung dili nimo kaya mangisog sa imong mother then its time to ask help from your father. i don't think he knows what you'r mom has been up to or else dili siya magpadala ug kwarta to her so she can buy drugs. ask your family members to make an intervention aron maka realize imong mom that she has a problem and ipa rehab. though rehab is not so pretty here it could be one way to help her out.

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    Default Re: my mom is using drugs

    mas maayo pa mag addict2x kanang batan-on pata... kay kung mag sugod kag addict2x tigulang na... lisod na kaayo na moundang... I have friends na ilang papa ug uncle ni sud ug bisyo tigulang na... hantod karon, addict ghapon.. nag lisod na ug biya sa ilang mga bisyo. kuyaw kaayo ang babae mag drugs... especially kanang mga edad edaran na kay ig human drugs, kasagaran ana tripping is mag ***, sa ilang mga ka jam

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    Default Re: my mom is using drugs

    al-che...this is a very serious matter...i hope you don't mind if we ask personal least makabalo ta unsa sad ato ma offer nga help...

    how old are you? are you the eldest sa family?

    lisod jud bitaw i-undang pero i know of some nga naka is never too late...pero to do nothing in my opinion is not good...your mom needs help....

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