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when a compulsive gambling in law keeps on asking money

This discussion is about "when a compulsive gambling in law keeps on asking money" in the "Family Matters" forums.
isumbong ni pdut nga drug lord ni imung in-law para i-ejk......

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    isumbong ni pdut nga drug lord ni imung in-law para i-ejk...

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    2006 pa diay ni iyang pangutana ni TS. I wonder na unsa na kaha karun

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    ultimately , it is a problem between you and your spouse. you Both decide how to resolve your concerns together =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by dash26 View Post
    would you hate your in law if he keeps on asking money from your spouse because he is a compulsive gambler and would always make up some excuse to ask money from your spouse and if your spouse runs out of money he would ask from you? if you confront your spouse about that matter your spouse gets angry, and if you confront your in law he would tell your spouse and then arguements start. does anybody have a similar experience? what did you do? and how did you solve your problem.
    Mas maau imong spouse na lang padal-a sa kwarta. Ingnon nimo imong asawa ray gagunit sa kwarta. ug mahurot ang kwarta sala na na sa imong asawa. xa padad-a sa budget.

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    kumusta na imo inlaw bro, basin na tokhang na ni.

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