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Kung naay lain imong Papa or Mama

This discussion is about "Kung naay lain imong Papa or Mama" in the "Family Matters" forums.
Unsa imong bati-on kung naay la-in imong amahan or inahan? og unsay imong buhaton.....

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    Default Kung naay lain imong Papa or Mama

    Unsa imong bati-on kung naay la-in imong amahan or inahan? og unsay imong buhaton..

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    masuko jud. pero wa man koy mabuhat if di jud ma-stop. sige go. hantud mapul-an sila. hehe

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    normally ma lain jud. ILL confront him and ask my dad about it

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    malain jud, maybe moabot ang time nga d naku motingog sa nagbinuang nga parent

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    my father had a mistress before, and for years. nagpaka-buta-bungol ko about ana since elementary para maiwasan ang gubot. giingnan gani ko tanga sa akong mga classmates and kaila kay sila daw tanan kabalo, ako lang daw wala. of course, kabalo ko, but i tried not to be affected with it kay akong papa sa amo ra gihapon nagauli kadagabii, wala jud nagpabaya sa amo-a, and more importantly, wala mi mga igsoon sa gawas. My mother oftentimes found out about it, mag-away sila, mu-attempt ug layas si mama, pero magkaayos ra sila kay pugngan ni papa. muundang ug kita si papa sa woman, then after years, balik na pud. sa among mag-igsoon, ako ray nakahibalo kung unsay nahitabo sa balay kay ako ra man pud naa didto.

    sakit, kinsa ba gud anak ang ganahan nga makit-an nga naghilak ilang inahan? but then again, my father loves my mom so much, i can see that. pero ang epekto jud ani sa ako, even though i hide it, pero naa jud ang kasuko sa iyaha ug sa babae (nga wa man jud natagam maski i-disown sa mga igsoon kay magsige duol-duol sa amo papa)

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    d jud nako na madawat.... kay nagdako ko nga akong mama lov kaayo akong papa, ug akong papa love sad kaayo akong mama.... magwonder cguro ko wat went wrong... and confront the unfaithful parent

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    ask them wat went wrong and help them cope up with it..
    relationships are not always a bed of roses.. ill just try to be open minded so that i can understand whats going on cause i dont want to judge them cause despite of all the things they've done they are still my parents the reason why im here...

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    i'll ask my dad wat went wrong...but for sure mausab na jud aq treatment niya...

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    kiver..of course you would be alarmed if one of your parents has someone else,
    but they're people too..

    first, you should make sure their relationship is not failing
    then, you three should talk it out

    my dad had a few failed marriages..
    it so happened that iya ko g ask f musugot ba ko naa siyay lain...
    bata pa ko atoo... so i said no..

    then again, he asked me
    "dili diay ka gusto malipay imong daddy?"
    imagine telling that to a seven year old child..
    purti nakong hilak but eventually, i realized...

    gusto ko ma happy akong daddy... even if wla si mami..

    kiver.. what makes your parents happy is the most important thing in life..
    please give them that.. as long as walay lain tao natamakan

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    i do not really know, but when i think about the possibility right now, i cannot stop being scared..
    my siblings are still too young to cope with something like this, and i am really grateful that so far, the possibility of such is still very low..
    my dad and i have a very open and mature relationship, since i am the eldest, and i have been telling him that if such happens, he should disappear from our lives before i forget that he is my father..
    probably, that is such an immature and harsh reaction which might probably be due to anger and whatever emotions that might be there, but i cannot blame myself if i would ever feel that way since i have been in a loving family for 23 years and do not know any other way for my family to be..

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