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Think of time

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I remember when a certain typhoon thumped the region years ago, the wind so fierce and foggy; rain gave an aching impact as it landed onto my face. Umbrellas twirled inside out, as if trying to recommend raincoat to be the best gear of the circumstance. Banana foliages slanted by the furious breeze, positioned like a missile, ready for a distant fire. Ducks stooped for a safer cover (with an unsynchronized chorus of quack-quack-quack!) and the uncanny sound of disturbed nature, resembling those of a dragged square-foot size of galvanize iron on New Yearís Day gala.

The hurricane took over the crops, seas and shelters. Nothing had ever escaped. Everything was ruined.

Tragic days arenít everlasting, as lighted candle has its ending, which is the period of total melting. Same with cool airstreams of summit after a every painful climb, denouement of a jumpy climax of horror movie, last drop for every glass of Blue Nun wine, and a final stroke of a bad quality pen, to change it for a better one.

There is time for a set off to pop out and occupy ourselves on a fair day. Typhoons in life are not day after day.

Like today, we are going to sacrifice for a while and take whatever fate gives us and leave it in lay. Soon weíll find this kind of struggles that weíd gone through as recorded history. In few days time, we are to enter lifeís straight line recovery.

I canít wait for that moment to come when I can say ďItís about time!Ē Figuratively, time is eternal and will never end. But people change and could be lost in swiftness of time, like a hurricane, not a long-lasting occurrence. Eventually, bright day comes up and follow, and say goodbye to our sorrows.

Every personís dreams and ambition is crafted by patience through time. Fruits get ripen in time. Loversí strength is molded by time. Everyone works with time. We even kill time, and worst, waste our time. The damage that had been done by the typhoons of our life, will be healed in due time.

In this life we take, all we need is time.

My newly written blog is dedicated to Melo Esclamado, who has the finest sense of humor.

About the Author

ecently connected as a staff in Philippine Mining Service Corporation. A
creative writer who loves to inscribe what he sees and feels. Spirited
towards scripting excerpts of his own awareness who had an
uncontrollable desire to write down whatís in his mind, fiction or
non-fiction, takes his free-time imagining things only words could be
put to describe them. He loves to connect friends with his words, not
photos. Blogs for the sake of his hobby, not for money.

To get a piece of his writings, you need to treat him burger and fries. Itís worth the price.

His website is - Index. Email him anytime at, or



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