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Iíve been introduced by my friend to a kind of stuff, bracelet, which has magnetic effect in our muscles and veins, and could make blood circulation better than usual. Thus, allow more oxygen to our tissues and release more energy. Itís one of the Good Faith products. Good Faith Bio-Magnetic jewelry.

I love its metallic compound and the effect to those who wear it, as what Iíve come up with my research further about it over the net; itís proven to be health beneficial. It brings relief in a number of common conditions such as respiratory problems, asthma, backache, headache and neckache, arthritis, muscle pains, jet lag, bursitis, insomnia, anxiety, constipation, migraines, hypertension, depression and even psoriasis.

The feel of metal in my skin is one of things I hated most, but this Good Faith thingy seems so interesting I could almost grab to have one. I consider it as a key to good health and root of strength. But itís quite expensive and makes me think ten times.

Do I really have to buy one?Maybe I should, or maybe I shouldnít.

Maybe ten years later, that is when the value goes down the mark. Yeah I know its jewelry and the worth of it would even, relatively get higher in years to come, same as gold as much as I could take my assessment on it.

For the meantime, Iím doing cheaper substitutes to what Bio-Magnetic jewelry offers, and that is doing physical activities. The oxygen in my brain, the rushing blood through my veins, and everytime I sweat out from my forehead, truly enormous and gratifying enough.

More so, Iím wearing cheap rubberbands (in random colors everyday) wrapped up on my left wrist, wear it like a bracelet. Today, the color is green and gold. Am I representing Republic of Ghana? Of course no, and neither Brazil!

For further info about their products you visit the site OpenDNS

My newly written blog is dedicated to Genio, who makes me laugh, always.

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