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Are they doing something bad in their life? Are they on the run from somebody? Are they hiding for some reasons?

Those are questions so very common and yet intriguing. People are on hide. They might be your friends, your mates and maybe your brothers by race. They might be the closest person of your life, who happened to put you down unexpectedly by betrayal. It could be due to debts, *** and taxes. Those are certain things in our life’s existence, like a predictable sunrise and sunset, that can’t seem to be shaken off by any means.

Betrayal is not the end part of the anecdote. It is somewhat, somewhere in between. Perfidy by sequence evolves from friendship, trust, betrayal and… revenge. The sweetest among for sure is revenge, but it’s not fully recommended. It is not a healthy back fire to someone who abuses your allegiance.

People hides like a dog, tacking tight their tail to keep their balls safe from sudden strike of vengeance. They might outclass us by their misdemeanor but sooner or later, we’ll catch them up like a trapped raccoon in the backyard lattice. Conscience won’t shatter them; on the other hand bad karma will crack them apart.

From this moment on, they’ll going to have sleepless nights. Soak their souls in uproar. Drive their veins in twitch and make them feel they’re always on the mood of vowel movement. We’ll put them in an intense trepidation and help them realize that living in hell can be so sweating and disgusting.

Hide now, pay later.

My newly written blog is dedicated to Jasper Ramas, a friend whom I rarely get to see.

About the Author

ecently connected as a staff in Philippine Mining Service Corporation. A
creative writer who loves to inscribe what he sees and feels. Spirited
towards scripting excerpts of his own awareness who had an
uncontrollable desire to write down what’s in his mind, fiction or
non-fiction, takes his free-time imagining things only words could be
put to describe them. He loves to connect friends with his words, not
photos. Blogs for the sake of his hobby, not for money.

To get a piece of his writings, you need to treat him burger and fries. It’s worth the price.

His website is - Index. Email him anytime at, or


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