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The Adam within

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Yesterday afternoon, as I stride my way back to work from 30 minutes lunch-break. I stayed for about 5 minutes in the parking area to catch some breath of unsullied bill of air. When I looked up the sky, came into view a blue with blemishing clouds, some omen is about to happen.

Though the parking lot serves as smoking area as well, I donít smoke myself. I donít do devilís vice, because I am properly advised by my own therapeutic consciousness. With that, I couldnít blame any tobacco makers in the future if I happen to give in myself towards bronchitis.

When my five-minute-standing-for-nothing meditative session through, I strolled to the back area of the warehouse, into the pocket-forest and tree seedlings nursery division of the compound that has been the institutionís program, in compliance of the government bureauís required environmental assistance project.

Down the aisle of plantlets, my eyes met those eyes of another mortal creature, a small snake. Its body as thick as Bic ball pen, about twenty inches in length, and seemed to have well-varnished skin, shiny like a glossed lips of a lovely lady in metropolis. It lays on the ground and ready to counter to or flee from me.

The snake had something in its mouth, gripped-tight by its jaw, it has a tail too, wagging and seemed to be struggling to get free of its captivity, tropical lizard. I saw the prey and the predator without a doubt in middle hour of the day.

Iíve felt pity for the prey that it triggers me off to find a stick nearby to shooo! up the snake hoping it would let loose the lizard. But on no account, it had been unnecessary. The snake voluntarily set the lizard free and scampered away like a coward man for its own safety. While the lizard loped out with its life in opposite direction. Maybe they perceived me as potential threat to them. The lizard, was safe and sound, but something in its physique is missing, its tail. It must had been slashed by the snakeís furious adrenaline and urgency of letting it go or just giving the lizard something to remember in its life. As if to say, ďThe next time weíll meet again, Iíll swallow you whole for good!Ē ha-ha!

Its tail been dropped on the spot where I first saw them, center of the passageway. Though left unaided, it acknowledged itself as third living individual. Jerking, twitching and moves from side to side without definite direction. Lizard tailís instinct. Itís getting wild!

Everything happened so fast, swift and unexpected. I theoretically anticipated seeing myself in the ďGarden of EdenĒ, with a loud-mouthed and bigger snake and ďEveĒ by my side persuading me to take a bite on the apple of ďimmortalityĒ, which in truth and reality, leads to sin and mortality. But none had taken place. No one tempted me.

For how I relate those bizarre things that Iíve seen yesterday, I can feel right now that there is somebody that subsists unto me. There is ďAdamĒ within me. Susceptible and sinful.

My newly written blog is dedicated to Aileen Lasam, a special person with an unadulterated soul.

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ecently connected as a staff in Philippine Mining Service Corporation. A
creative writer who loves to inscribe what he sees and feels. Spirited
towards scripting excerpts of his own awareness who had an
uncontrollable desire to write down whatís in his mind, fiction or
non-fiction, takes his free-time imagining things only words could be
put to describe them. He loves to connect friends with his words, not
photos. Blogs for the sake of his hobby, not for money.

To get a piece of his writings, you need to treat him burger and fries. Itís worth the price.

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