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With my defensive stance secure and well-planted, the lightning quick slide of the offensive end turn nasty and ankle breaking. Few slides to my left could make it harder for him to beat me down, but with my left arm arenít spread and leaning position between his hip and my abs, it went ugly. My left ring finger knuckle absorbed all-out pressure between two squeezing matter of meat-bone-tissues.

It hurts like hell, burning feeling towards my brain. Welcome to the world of pain where you have to forget about having to gain. Some might say, we have to live with it and suck it up like a bitter candy. Well, I might say, Iíd rather throw myself in a fistfight. For I could swing back when Iím hurt.

Nothing seem to equal a bodily sore, not even a throbbing emotions. Thatís my opinion and I wonít change it like a mind of a susceptible girl seating beside you.

Okay, Neither reflexology nor comprehensive medical attention is my demand. All I want is to have my knuckle back vigorously intact the soonest time possible. Should my wish be granted in a week or two, Iíd promise not to hand-check a raging ogre again.

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