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Alone and isolated

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I want to communicate and I want to speak from within. So much to say with zero twaddle and never includes cuddle. I want you to listen because all I want, all I need is the biggest fraction of my true happiness.

Life is a lonesome experience when you have nothing to talk to, with nothing to get into with someone, something special. Moment.

I see myself as an outcast stranger. Long beard, barefoot, naked, confused and looking for nuts by the seashore to be able to survive. Will somebody save me?

Horizon could be a treasure sight with sunrise on it. Twilight could be more of a beauty with promising atmosphere of rest to vigor strength for the following day. With nobody by my side I feel Iíve been far away and lost.

I want you to know that Itís you that Iíve been thinking all day, every single day. Bread crumbs after bread crumbs, coffee over coffee, to my deepest fiber and calorie. I want you to hear me.

How I am suppose to feel? The only love I ever knew Iíve thrown it all away.

Iím alone and isolated. I thought every heart should have a beat.


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