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Help set wrongness Right

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The most efficient way of helping others when they’re out of customary behavior in a certain situation; quote them when they’re off beam. Win-win situation. You could benefit from the very new person, at the same time making him/her a better individual in a daily basis, conceivably.

We commit mistakes and often not aware of those and one of the reasons is that nobody around edifies us to do the right way. It might be that the so-called standard way of ethics or ethical standards which the textbooks taught us from childhood to maturity were not visible enough to take it as “a must” command. We read those texts but we fail to absorb and pertain in life’s actual setting.

People won’t let us learn. They want us to look fool and weird in public for their own comfort. With that, it could craft them a superior “them” over you. It happens all the time, even on folks with intelligent mind. Faults are never ending as in no doubt as perfection never really exist since our life exists. When you see flat-out humans and prone to mistakes, don’t blow your own horn and neither talk big because that might spring back into you, not unless you aren’t human yourself.

So help out someone, somebody’s life out there. Think yourself as a “hero” saving life in the dark. They might not have enough strength and courage to reach out for you. They’ve waited so long for you to correct them every time they make something wrong.

My latest blog is deliberately made for the imperfect and flawed and to whom I believe in the best position to lend a hand…

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