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Treatments for depression

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Depression is a mental disorder, the essence of which is the suppression of mental activity, mainly in its emotional-volitional component.

Treatments for depression

medication. Depression cannot be treated with sedatives or sleeping pills. Sedatives, tranquilizers, hypnotics may be present in the treatment regimen, but not as basic, but as auxiliary agents. The main treatment for depression is antidepressants. However, it would be a big mistake to think that, having learned this and surfed the Internet, you will be able to find and prescribe a treatment for yourself. The catalog of modern antidepressants is a book 3 cm thick (!) And only a specialist with extensive experience in working with depression can choose one that is right for you from all the available antidepressants. Even the dose of the drug and the duration of therapy are extremely individual and very important factors for an effective and complete cure for depression. On average, antidepressant treatment takes 3 to 6 months, sometimes longer.

Psychotherapeutic. Yes, depression can be effectively treated without medication. Moreover, I prefer this drug-free type of treatment. In my work, I use special "psychotechnics" to achieve the desired results, in this case - to eliminate depression (although these psychotechnics are very effective in eliminating absolutely any problem). They represent a symbiosis of the most effective psychotechnics taken from very many types and directions of modern psychotherapy (with the exception of hypnosis). These psychotechnics allow not only to remove the symptoms (manifestations) of depression, but also to eliminate the earliest "roots" that led to the disease. The course of treatment (with a frequency of 1 hour per week) ranges from 4-6 months to 12 months (in the case of a more severe and prolonged course of the disease and with a very detailed study of all the subconscious causes that led to depression).

Combined. It is a combination of drug and psychotherapeutic treatment.

You can find out more about treatment for depression on [SIZE=5][B][COLOR=#000000][FONT=&quot][URL=""]Pocket Drug Guide[/URL][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]. I think this will help you improve your health.


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