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My first blog

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Well, first of all, kudos to sir Beor for the blog here in istorya.

Today, August 25, 2008 is holiday. I'm just here at home. Today, I need a deserved rest just for today. I have lesser time on hibernation especially weekdays. That's why I fall asleep in the office, if I am nothing to do nor bored in the office.

Later, I'll be playing the Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on my psp. This game's so addicting and yet, so far, it's the best RPG in PSP. That's why it ranked number 1 in

Again, I will just have my day here at home. I'm just waiting for the next day for my work. Speaking of work, I do have plans to resign with my current employer. As soonest, or before this year ends, I wanna have a new employer that would have a better pay. Happy with my current work? Yes, but lately, I do have issues regarding to our department. That made me uncomfortable. Just last night, I submitted my updated resume via e-mail. All I can do right now is wait for the call, hopefully...

Well, that would round up with my very first blog here in Enjoy reading and thank you!!

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  1. cosplay's Avatar
    More blogs to go... nice post..
  2. batosai's Avatar
    ayaw sa resign oi sayang 13th month , if bored ka join psp gathering he he
  3. summerAngel's Avatar
    it's better if you will get a new employer next year.. because it's almost end of the year..sayang ang bonus and dili ka makaenjoy maau sa christmas party because mag getting-to-know pa ka sa imu mga new officemates....
  4. totoback's Avatar
    hehehe whats new na..... nagresign ka dati........... wa nay updates ang forum sa USCBHS
  5. doctorlove's Avatar
    sis pwede ko pa hack sa ako psp...
    how much pud..pls PM me ha..thanx
  6. Dax101106's Avatar
    Sis, naa kah baligya PSP nga barato lang... PM me beh if naa...thanks...
  7. King LeBron's Avatar
    feel nako dili ka babaye
  8. mename's Avatar
    pls help how to post forum?
  9. Chedot's Avatar
    hi mega, you still play psp?
  10. Raping A Succubus's Avatar
    I like how you carefully chose your profile photo. Can you be my pal?
  11. ceb3370's Avatar
    try metal gear solid peace walker, the best psp game ever.. give it a day, and you will know why.


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