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there is not a day
that you go on this way
anger strikes when you see me
am i that bad enough?

if i hold you tight,
you complain that you're bottleneck
if i hold you loose,
you complain that i don't want you

what shall i do?
what shall i do?
to prove to you
that i really love you so!

i'm confuse, i am so confuse
on my actions, on what should i do
i just only want you to
know how much you mean to me

do you still love me?
the way you love me before?
or has it fade
and gone forever

i must be out of my mind
i only think for us...
that there's nothing in this world
but us..

i maybe just love you too much
too much that i only think it is the only thing in the world
little did i know, you may be gone
and leave me behind

i thought love is that powerful,
that if you love somebody, and loves you back
everything will be in perfect
but i think it's right...
sometimes love just ain't enough...

do i live in fairy tales?
where there are happy endings and all?
wake me up, wake me up
if everything's ain't true..



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