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Support the House and Senate Bills to Enact the Philippine Space Agency

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"A space program can help us tackle some of our most urgent problems. For example, our efforts in disaster risk reduction and management will greatly benefit from a space program. Having our own satellite will make it easier for us to take high-resolution images; these images, in turn, can help us plan for and manage the effects of natural disasters. Imagine the number of lives that can be saved.

Having our own space program will let us benefit more from the programs of our neighbors. If we want to gain from what the Vietnamese or Indonesians are learning, we need to have technologies and infrastructures similar to theirs.

A cohesive space program has the potential to start a positive ripple effect. Aside from hiring engineers and scientists, a space program will also need lawyers, accountants, and a host of other professionals. Studies done in other countries show that for every space program job created, nearly a dozen support jobs emerge."

(by Pecier Decierdo)

"The initial efforts should be tied with arming the general populace with basic scientific concepts and principles aimed at improving public awareness of events such as natural disasters, so as to improve their reaction and coping levels to such calamities that constantly plague our country. Hand in hand with this effort is the hope that the public realizes the value of science, and thus become the first steps towards freeing their minds of mysticism and backward traditionalist thinking that is ungrounded and unscientific.

I believe with space sciences as the beacon, the men and women of science in this country will be armed, equipped and inspired to carry the flame of reason and freethinking across our country."

(by Rodion Herrera)

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