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Life .....

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Iife..i dont really understood where life came from .was born a christian from christian parents, baptized as a christian , and went to school at a christian school .all that was taught in school and from religion is that a God exist. The one creator who gave life to all things .

Now that i am an adult , havent really fully understood what life is . only that you continue to live and do your daily chores,responsibilities like clockwork.but what if you are tired from doing all those things?what ifhave many things going on in my mind .have many questions
that needs answers..

Is there a life after all this? As we are all mortals on this earth ,I am just wondering if all those stories,theories that there is a life after all these are true...

Just wondering....



  1. Dorothea's Avatar
    Red Horse ra solusyon ana boss hehe


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