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Ultimate Media Player for you home

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I was always in the search for the best player in the market.

My Goal:
I have a home very small home theater at home of course It's about 14x15ft in size. This will be my Media Center. I will soon setup an HTPC here and that PC will also be the one to download all my media. Then on all my different rooms in the house I wanted to have a network ready Hard Drive based media player that will be capable of streaming video/Music/Photos from my HTPC, meaning, all the files are stored in the HTPC and do not need to be physically copied to the Hard drive of the satellite player's. Aside from the payer being network ready, you need to make sure you can get a network connection within the area- this is solved by the FU POWERLINE Bridges which gives you network connections anywhere around the house! Of course since it's a hard drive player, it will also be able to store personal video's which can be copied to it vie network still or through a USB device. It is also very important that these Players can play MKV and H.264 File Types and of course all the normal Codecs. MKV and H.264 files are the two shells for BLURAY and HDDVD ripped videos. These are the two major file types capable of playing FULL HD 1080P or 720P resolutions. Right now we have a Sony Bravia 40inch capable of 720p wall hanged on our Theater. Its perfect for the size and doesn't strain our eyes. Speaking of which I will blog about the right LCD/Plasma size for your area very soon (once I find that diagram I downloaded ages ago ) We plan to get a 52" (I think this will happen like 3-5 years from now) for our Master bedroom which has the right room size for the TV, to be enjoyed in all its glory ad full 1080P-2 megapixel resolution.

With that in mind, we need a good Media Player and as the title specifies, I have found the ultimate- Meaning, it's got all the functions we need at the Right Price. It's competitors I believe are priced way higher than this with all the same functionality.

Presenting... (Drum rolls)

The HoneyWld Media Player with HDMI and Digital Optical Out, Plays FULL HD 1080P files (mkv and H.264) and is Network Ready and supports Sata Drives up to 1 TB! Also Supports Media Streaming via network and direct download to device! HoneyWld Power Zest HD-301_EX

It's the It thing

It's a Hard Drive Enclosure (transfer via network only)

It's a USB host (plays media files directly form USB drives plugged to it)

It's Network Read (Download from the internet directly to device, share and stream media)

It's a Media Player (Music, Full HD videos mkv, h.264, WM9, Divx, Xvid etc.., Photos)

It's plays 1080P output

It comes with a Remote control

It has HDMI digital Video/Audio Output

It has Optical Out

It has Ordinary Stereo Audio output

It has Analog RCA Video output as well

It supports up to 1 Terrabyte Sata I/II HD

PowerZest Specs:

1. High Definition Media Player up to 1080p ( H.264,VC1, MKV and WMV9)
2. Trans-code to support most updated multimedia format
3. Instant Access to favorite internet Video/Photo/Radio (Live365,vTuner,etc...)
4. Media Transferable among PC, Mobile and NAS
5. DLNA and UPnP Compliant
6. Multimedia Streaming from PC, Mobile and NAS media storage to PowerZest via Wired or Wireless
7. Projector for Wireless Office Presentation
8. HDMI//Composite Video Output built in support
9. 10/100 Network Device
10. Network wizard support to easily connect to home networking
11. One-TouchColor Coded Shortcut Buttons Remote Controller-for Quick Access to Music,Photo,Video , and online media
12. HDD storage support(Optional) as Personal Media Center
13. Premium Content Protection (DRM,DTCP-IP)



Note: The HD301_EX model available in Cebu does not have wifi. They recommend to use it with the FU Powerline Bridge instead which gives a more reliable and stable connection.

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    Cool thing.
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    Okeyyy... How about the price, Sir Ryan?


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