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Hi Nikki Pee

Destiny In My Own Understanding

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"If it's bound to happen, it will happen." "If it's meant for you, it will come to you." My idea about "destiny" changed until I spoke to John and after reading Your Best Life Now's Chapter 1 and 2 entitled Enlarging Your Vision and Raising Your Level of Expectancy by Joel Osteen. John was asking how can our destiny become a reality when we're not even doing its prerequisites. He added an example saying: "If one was destined to become rich but doesn't even work, he becomes poor. Becoming poor wasn't his destiny, is it still "destiny?"" He shared to me his own definition of destiny as result of our actions. A little hesitant however, I agreed. Do you?

I'm 19 and it's still a long highway of life I am bound to experience but I haven't really thought deeply if I am "destined" to succeed. I'm very lazy. I failed in my subjects. I lack inspiration. Or I lack resources. These are just some of the reasons why I find it so hard to expect success in life.

But I make own destiny! I may have had my own share of flaws, weaknesses, and disabilities but I believe I am still qualified for a bright future. I believe that if I start doing the things to achieve my vision in life, it will surely come to pass. Then I realize what my destiny become successful!

I will make use of my high hopes as motivation. I will take advantage of my expectations to do the things I have to do. I will make use of my large vision to get to my expected destination.

Today, I created my destiny. Have you created yours?


  1. Dorothea's Avatar
    inday Nikki, you're soooo cute!
  2. kinlarch's Avatar
    tompak nice 1
  3. gareb's Avatar
    Destiny is a Curious Collusion between Choice and Circumstance.
  4. klintsora's Avatar
    nice one
  5. zorenpescador's Avatar
    But what kind of success do you want?
  6. ravenmoreno's Avatar
    nice. thank you for the idea.
    I will also be a successful doctor someday.
    as for now im still on my first year.
    I think there is nothing that you cannot achieved if you will work for it.


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