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New Zealand

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i heard its a very nice place. especially the milk. wa ha...

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    i heard its a very nice place. especially the milk. wa ha

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    Didn't realize this thread was here.
    I can try and answer some questions that you might have regarding New Zealand.
    What's life like, what are the people like, what's the Filipino community like, owning a car, activities etc---those things I can answer.

    Don't think I'll be able to answer questions regarding procedures for getting a visa or residency.
    Gone through that once so not too keen on reliving those days. Also, each case is different anyway, so don't get sucked into stories from agents who say this and that about someone else. Ask them what they have to offer you. Don't wing it.

    Anything else you need, you might find it here. We did and we didn't use any agency.
    Immigration New Zealand

    this is the line --------- cross it. i dare you

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    my friend is now in new zealand, two years na sya ngadto, as a nurse. sa golden summit daw sya ni agi na agency.. ask paku nya bout the details.. hehe

    nya aku manghod karon ky sa genesis pud na agency.. nakahibaw mu ani? or naay naka-agi ani?

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    Default hi

    mmy brother goes there!

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    Default nz

    ando mo nz!

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    3 of my friends naa na didto... Golden Summit ilang Agency kanang naa dapit sa Mango Square

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    Quote Originally Posted by twisted_180 View Post
    I can refer a good and reliable agency for anyone interested to travel to New Zealand
    can u pm me the name of the agency and contact number??

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    me too.. pls

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    Maka huna huna man jud kog gatas basta maka basa kug NEW ZEALAND uy.... fly now drink milk later...

    lisud2x man daw ni sudlon... austrilia nalang kai naay madali dali...

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    huh? unsaon pag apply sa australia? mas dali didto? nice man sad ni ang new zealand oi...

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