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singapore sale is an annual event every june (the entire month of june).. most of the items on sale are those branded goods.. anyway almost ...

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    singapore sale is an annual event every june (the entire month of june).. most of the items on sale are those branded goods.. anyway almost every month there is a sale here in sg...

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    naa kaha barato nga laptop didto kay mo adto ko karong june?

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    been there last week. Sayang i didn't go for the may-june trip kay ang sale is super cheap. you can go to singpore with a half full suitcase and come back with a full pack suitcase and a lot of hand carry luggage. The durians there are delicious especially the ones from thailand and don't forget to try their chicken rice and chili crabs. Lami jud

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    MrCool : The laptops there are cheaper by a few hundreds or maybe a thousand pesos cheaper in singapore. If you're gonna go on June be prepared to go to the famous computer shops... Funan, mestafa and shanglin. Most electronics have a low price tag but be careful lang kay there are some other electronic stuff that is a bit expensive.

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    many in...clean place...nice to shop pero very expensive basta sa city jud ka mamalit...what was nice there was the Night Safari...also in Sentosa....

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    Hmm... there's a lot of items which are cheaper in Singapore but you also have to count how much the plane ticket & hotel accommodations cost.

    Not to mention train tickets, food expenses... Airport terminal fees, travel taxes, etc.

    My aunt is in Japan right now. She's there for about a week for business. Wanted to go with her until I calculated that the plane ticket & hotel would cost me at least 50000 pesos. (OUCH!) That doesn't include train & food expenses yet or terminal fees & taxes.

    And pocket money. I refuse to go anywhere where I won't spend at least the same amount of money I spent to get there. That means a trip of Japan would cost me more than 100k. (Double Ouch!)

    Maybe Japan isn't that expensive other times of the year. It's Golden Week in Japan right now.

    Post is just slightly OT. A trip to Singapore would cost me about 50k with pocket money.

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    I've been there twice already.
    It's not a good place to shop.
    Best thing to do is try the food. They have lots of reasonably priced food.

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    some negatives:

    the country's education system is so demanding
    that some kids commit suicide. their kids go to school
    at a very young age with tutors to the point nga ang teacher
    murag wala naman e-teach. some said they are taught on
    how to pass the exams.

    the standard of living is quite expensive. although murag
    daghan man ka mapalit sa ilang minimum wage diri compare
    sa atong minimum wage sa pinas.

    the way of life here is too organized to the point nga mabored ka.

    their democracy here is not the same as our democracy in the philippines or in the us.
    i mean you cannot mock the government here, you can talk about anything except
    the government. nobody dares to criticize their government or you go to jail unlike in our country. (is that good or bad?)

    cars here are very expensive, triple the price of car prices in the philippines.

    doing business is very difficult because your competition are government linked companies.

    if you have no work, you will surely die. unlike sa ato-a, pwede katanum alogbate
    sa likod sa balay unya hirit lang ug sud-an sa silingan. he he he

    dili ka maka tax avoidance or tax evasion.

    if you are a male citizen or permanent resident. you will go for 2 years military training
    after your college/university graduation.

    lisod sudlon ilang university diri. they really put emphasis on degrees here. unya
    lahi ang diploma, lahi sad ang degree. sa ato-a ingon si mama dapat maka-graduate
    ta sa college diri ilang pangandoy kay makagraduate sa university. naa sad silay polytechnic
    diri, so kung sa polytechnic ka nag-graduate diploma lang imoha.

    some positives:

    they have the finest transportation in the world. aircon man tanan!

    they have the finest social security system in the world. the government
    is almost the financial planner of singaporeans

    no corruption.

    cheaper electronic items.

    almost everyone is financial literate. their government also helped them
    have the best financial products through their social security system. almost
    everybody is aware of the stock market.

    everything is accessible.

    taxi drivers are almost honest.

    holidaying to other countries are a lot
    cheaper than the philippines.

    kana lang sa!

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    been here in singapore for quite a while :

    These are my observation about this country :

    1. You cannot chew bubble gum - Its totally wrong, you can as long as you put it in a trash properly after used. Lots of stores like seven eleven and watson sales chewing gum.

    2. You cannot crossed the street unless its a pedestrian lane. - Its wrong again, you can cross any streets but with extra precautions.

    3. Summer Sale - for your info, summer sale here is just like buying a branded price in our country. The clothes here are very expensive. Its only very commercialized. Its better you go Hongkong for a sure low price!

    4. The place like malls are just ordinary, our glorieta and greenbelts malls are even the best.

    5. The place is very clean - Not so clean, because even their rivers are quite dirty. This place is very small, and therefore, very easy to maintain just like what Bayani Fernando did in Marikina.

    6. More on cleanliness - When you went to a foodcourt, you will notice that the cleaners are very old maybe around 70 to 80 years old and some are bended back already. The worst is, sometimes you can saw them spitting on the plate when they clean your table. Or sometimes you can saw an open wound on their hands.

    7. You can still saw some beggars along the overpass and some people asking for donations.

    8. You can saw some of our fellow filipinas were forced to go into prostitution because the standard of living here was very expensive. Just think of it, every 1 dollar you spent was already 33 pesos.

    Don't think that Singapore is a must place to visit because we still have a lot of nice places in our homeland which are just waiting for you to explore!

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    kinsa taga istorya naa singapore

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