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The Rainbow Warrior Wages the Energy Revolution in Asia!

This discussion is about " The Rainbow Warrior Wages the Energy Revolution in Asia!" in the "Destinations" forums.
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: [img width=357 height=357][/img] Greenpeace flagship, the Rainbow Warrior, is on an 10-week tour of Hong Kong, the Philippines ...

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    Default The Rainbow Warrior Wages the Energy Revolution in Asia!

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    [img width=357 height=357][/img]
    Greenpeace flagship, the Rainbow Warrior, is on an 10-week tour of Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand. It's mission: To sound the alarm in Asia about dangerous climate change, the single biggest environmental threat faced by our planet today.

    Dubbed the Asia Energy Revolution Tour 2005, this tour will see the Rainbow Warrior sail through the Asian region to campaign for the rejection of dirty energy sources, particularly coal, and to promote clean and renewable energy alternatives like wind, solar, hydro and modern biomass.

    In the following weeks, the Rainbow Warrior will take us on a journey around Asia as we endeavor to publicly challenge climate criminals and their funders to shift their support to cleaner, safer and renewable energy projects instead of climate-destroying fossil fuel projects.

    visit for more info

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    Default Mae Moh’s climate-changing emissions in the global spotlight

    [img width=430 height=604][/img]

    Delegates at the UN Climate Change Conference in Montreal, Canada today got a first hand view of carbon dioxide emissions coming from Thailand’s Mae Moh coal power plant, the largest and most notorious of its kind in Southeast Asia. Greenpeace activists transmitted to the conference live images of the coal plant as a laser projector beamed messages such as “CLIMATE CHANGE STARTS HERE” and “COAL KILLS” at the facility as it belched thick smoke.
    “Delegates at the conference in Montreal must decisively go for drastic cuts in carbon emissions that come from facilities such as the Mae Moh coal plant. Climate change is not a distant problem to be dealt with sometime in the future. In fact we have very little time left to avoid the most catastrophic impacts. Without prompt, decisive action from governments to phase out the use of fossil fuels such as coal we will soon find ourselves riding a runaway train,” said Tara Buakamsri of Greenpeace Southeast Asia.

    If climate change goes unchecked many of its effects will be irreversible. A new scientific study indicated that climate change can intensify the social and environmental problems faced by an already over-burdened population in Asia (1).

    The severity of climate change is already bringing two of the world's mightiest rivers at the brink of collapse. Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences say that environmental damage linked to climate change is pushing the Yellow River source into an ecological breakdown, threatening the lifeblood of 120 million people who rely on it for domestic as well as agricultural and industrial uses. In the Amazon river region, one of the worst droughts ever recorded is damaging the world's largest rainforest, with wildfires breaking out, fresh drinking water becoming scarce and polluted and the death of millions of fish as the streams dry up.

    Greenpeace believes that the goal of climate policy should be to keep global average temperature rise to below 2ºC above pre-industrial levels, a position also adopted by the European Union Heads of Government. It is economically and scientifically possible to do this with known technological means.

    “The vast majority of world governments who have ratified the Kyoto Protocol now have the obligation to show that they mean it. They must get on with negotiating the next phase of Kyoto, with much stronger emission reduction targets for industrialised countries. We hold this planet in trust for our children and our children’s children,” Tara concluded.

    Greenpeace’s flagship the Rainbow Warrior arrived in Bangkok today for the Thailand leg of its Asia Energy Revolution Tour, exposing the impacts of climate change and promoting the uptake of renewable energy like wind, solar and modern biomass.

    1) Climate Change Impacts in the Philippines: Crisis or Opportunity, Greenpeace Dec 2005

    taken from:

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    Default Re: The Rainbow Warrior Wages the Energy Revolution in Asia!

    i hope people get the message.

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