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MOALBOAL, the place of Golden Sun

This discussion is about "MOALBOAL, the place of Golden Sun" in the "Destinations" forums.
how do you guys like moal-boal?...

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    Default MOALBOAL, the place of Golden Sun

    how do you guys like moal-boal?
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    Default moal-boal

    wa pa ko kaanha barato ra ba diha?

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    Default moal-boal panagsama, ako pinaka ganahan didto during dinner kay ang homemade pizza...u get to see how they prepared it. it's being cooked homestyle! inig breakfast, i also look forward to having my favorite choco-banana crepe served in western style...sigh, maybe i should go back there soon... the foods are not expensive there

    as to the beach, it's a very good place for would be best if u go diving also

    the accomodations vary from cheap to expensive...there are resorts that u can stay at an airconditioned room at 1k per night. the one we stayed at last year was really good but i just forgot the name the room was big with aircon, tv and fridge...the bathroom was also clean...2.8k per night

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    Default moal-boal

    we were there about 2 summers ago. we stayed at , i forgot the name of the place, basta 3 ra ilang rooms at 1,500 each then 8 mi sa room. The room was big, naa pod fridge,bathroom, aircon and a balcony. Nice didto mag snorkel. Just 5 meters from the shoreline, maka kita naka schools of fish, i even saw a boy underwater aiming a spear to a big fish. Ginukdanay sila, kulba lagi, abi nako shark kay daghan man pod kuno sharks didtong dapita. Pero all in all, i recomend the place, and you should also try snorklling or even diving. It's fun! Kanus-a kaha ko kabalik didto?? hmmmm....

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    Default moal-boal

    stayed at quo vadis sa panagsama, choi sab ang lugar kay kung hunas, naa man sila pool... transferred to basdaku kay choi ang ilang beach (white sand). stayed sa victor's then nagmahay ug maayo kay hangtud alas 4 ang sing-along tupad sa among cottage, wala mi katulog. naa man diay unta club serena sa unahan, sayang...

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    Default moal-boal

    murag ka xperinced sadko ana wa katolog hehe
    kay naay ga sing al sa amo tpad cottage... pro nice ang basdaku uy..
    and then didto mi sa piskador island grabi nice kaau ang mga corals
    scary lang kaau dagko kaau ang balud uy.... rent mig bangka... dayun
    snorkling didto...

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    Default moal-boal

    Moalboal is the place to be for snorkling and diving. It got so much marine life to explore.

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    Default moal-boal

    moalboal? sus di jud mo magmahay! nindot jud didto..fine & white sand

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    Default moal-boal

    BEeN tHere(,")

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    Default moal-boal

    asa nindot magstay did2? kanang dli lang we're planning to go there holyweek..

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