I hear that all the bars in Sabang, Mindoro (nr Puerto Gallera) have been closed. I have not verified this. Is it true?

I suppose all the moralists are pleased, meanwhile the wife of my hipag is now out of a job and out of her house, I am told she is in a lean-to in the rain, and one of her her children has a fever. The child's father is a rich Asian man living in the RP. Not the stereotypical eurotrash. However wealthy, his support for his child is nil. Hard to understand.

Unfortunately I have just lost my job, so my help is limited. I hear that a banka was lost recently amd that Sabang has 'no tourists' - - I suppose that's an exageration, as scuba divers will surely continue to visit. But it looks like a tough Christmas. my wife says her street in Caloocan has no electric power, probably until January.

RP oil consumption has taken a dive, an indication of general economic activity. When I visit Manila I notice the traffic is lighter than 5 or 6 years ago. I predict dark days ahead for RP. When all the poor people snap out of their passivity, more coups ahead...