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Hi everyone, can u please help me? Im having a trip to these countries(singapore-KL-bangkok)by the end of this month. Can u please answer some of ...

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    Default Singapore-KL-Bangkok-help

    Hi everyone,

    can u please help me? Im having a trip to these countries(singapore-KL-bangkok)by the end of this month. Can u please answer some of my queries? My route is cebu-singapore-KL-bangkok-cebu, i know of singapore, what i want to know more is KL and bangkok.

    1.who among you had tried taking a bus from singapore-KL?how long is the travel time?
    2. is it expensive in KL? is $25 a day budget for food enough?
    3. How much is the hotel in KL? any suggestion on hotels?
    4. hows the city like? is it expensive there?
    5. if i go north of malaysia, is it best to travel by bus?
    6. What about bangkok?

    thanks everyone! a great help..........

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    Default Re: Singapore-KL-Bangkok-help

    murag 6hours man cguro from KL to singapore and as for bangkok nag package raman mi ato uy mas cheaper man package diri.. fix na diay na imo plane? u knw u can have a lot of package tour diri nga barato ra..

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    Default Re: Singapore-KL-Bangkok-help

    sos mo answer tako etz unsaon na unhan manko nimo...bitaw ok ra magbus to KL kaso lang medyo lau2x man etz says daghan cheaper package to bangkok sa pili lang ka ngadto

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    Default Re: Singapore-KL-Bangkok-help

    Singapore to KL is just six hours by bus or train. If you have time, drop by johore bahru first (malaysian border city) before proceeding to KL. It is a big city and many singaporeans go there for the weekend to shop. For some strange reason, getting a ticket in singapore for sing to KL is much more expensive than getting tickets for the malaysian leg of your travel in Malaysia itself. Kaya mas mura kung a ticket mo hanggang border lang. Pero, kung nagmamadali ka (and for more convenience) get a direct ticket. Hotels and food in KL are not very expensive. It really depends on your budget and desired comfort. There are several lodging houses in KL near the central bus and train station that are dirt cheap. On the other hand, their are several rated hotels (upscale and mid-market). You may visit several web sites on Malaysian or KL hotels.
    Going to bangkok from KL takes much longer, at least 24 hours by train or bus. Just like in Singapore/Malaysian border, there are immigration controls in Malaysia/Thailand border, but visas are given there. If you have the time and energy, surface travel can provide countryside sceneries and a bit of culture as you can observe locals as fellow passengers. Just get info from the right persons (like police, hotel staff, transport personnel, etc.) but generally malaysians and thais are honest and helpful. Pero again if you want less hassle, fly. I think there are several LCCs serving these routes. Have a nice adventure.

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    Default Re: Singapore-KL-Bangkok-help

    wow murag nice sad lagi bitaw ang mag bus ra noh murag daghan jud kag material makuha for photography hehehe

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    Default Re: Singapore-KL-Bangkok-help

    KL - SG will take about 5-6 hours by bus. Bus fare will range from RM45 - RM85 (1RM - PHP14) depende sa type sa bus. Your USD25 is enough for your one day kaon ug snack (middle class na food house).
    There are lots of hotel to choose, again depende guihapon sa budget, hotel rates at KL city center ranges from RM180++ - 450++ (okey2x na sad ni na rate, dli na sad ka magmahay.. .

    If you're planning to travel to BKK by land, murag layo2x gud. From KL to northern border will take about 6 hours (same as singapore) then another 7-8 hours going to bangkok. I suggest you take airasia for your KL-bkk trip mas convenient then okey lang ang gastos. u can PM me when u arrive in KL basin free mi, suroy3x nya ta with some of my bisdak friends here...

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    Default Re: Singapore-KL-Bangkok-help

    thanks guys,

    really, a great help!

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