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Solo Backpackers

This discussion is about "Solo Backpackers" in the "Destinations" forums.
^can answer number 1 @indiespirit yep, pwede ka magcommute to mactan. naog ka sa may highway then sakay palapu-lapu (pusok route), then sakay kag yellow ...

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    ^can answer number 1 @indiespirit

    yep, pwede ka magcommute to mactan. naog ka sa may highway then sakay palapu-lapu (pusok route), then sakay kag yellow cab from savemore marina mall to airport. terminal fee to intl, 550.

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    ^ plus travel tax pa jud..hahaha 1750

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    Osmena Peak ta diha,,,,

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    payter diay ni na group sad da. hehe. nahurot ako money travel last year.

    i tried cebu-boracay-batangas-tagaytay-manila-cam sur-caramoan (survivor island)-bicol-cebu.

    then singapore-malaysia sad. plan ta nako sing-malaysia-thailand-cambodia-vietnam. wa nadayon. hehehe.

    up ko ani na group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nursebonita View Post
    **** Really wanted to travel in Palawan, tiguman sa ta ni... feedback dayun sa trip ha,, costs ug itirnary nimo
    here's some of my photos from the trip, i took a panorama where we had our lunch. photo maybe not be very very good cause i just took this from my s3.

    image sharing

    photo sharing sites

    upload pic
    a view before island hopping.

    my advice is that you should book a flight that will reach you in Puerto the earliest, cause from Puerto to El nido will take 5-6 hours road trip. if you really love sceneries and beaches, you dont need to visit the underground river cause it will take a lot of your time unless you are there to spend 5 days or more..

    anyway, it cost me 11k all in all, cause our package was 5,200 (the cheapest i'd say from all the inquires i made) plus i got 4k pocket money and the rest is air fare. Food was never cheap there and always try to compare food prices cause some are way too expensive. the town has problems of power outage but most of their pension houses, lodges, hotels have generators to back up. from 6 am to 2pm they had their power shutdown then back from 2pm to 6am. but still some places will experience blackouts. All in all, Food Accomodation and the Place is great!

    my itinirary was a bit modified due to bad weather conditions, we had Tour A and Tour C as planned, but due to bad conditions on the 2nd island hopping we were forced to change to Tour B which is caves and beaches. Tour A is more on Lagoons, while C is more on beaches.

    A is the most visited then next is C then B then the last is D.

    anyway, i will leave you with a good recommendation if you wanna travel El nido,

    mostly his guest are bisaya, and this guy is half cebuano, so he knows how to speak bisaya. i able to know this from also, he is best recommended for whatever you need. you can always modify your food, your trip and stuff. pwede ra storya binisaya.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poisontree View Post
    ^can answer number 1 @indiespirit

    yep, pwede ka magcommute to mactan. naog ka sa may highway then sakay palapu-lapu (pusok route), then sakay kag yellow cab from savemore marina mall to airport. terminal fee to intl, 550.
    Ahh, pila plete anang yellow cab to airport? Kayasa mahala diay sa Travel Tax noh? Naay way na ma exempt sa pagbayad ana?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironhide69 View Post
    Good Morning mga boss!! Wala may repz sa united backpackers man.. so naabot ko dri na thread.. anyway, pwede ko mo join game ani inyung mga trip boss?? haskang dugaya najud nako ning damgo mag travel bisan dri lang sa pinas pawala lang sa stress sa life ug sa work bah.. ganahan ko mag solo backpacking pero wala man ko idea unsaun man.. hehehe.. so makig kuyog lang sa ko ug dinaghan una.. bitaw salamat daan ninyu mga boss and more power!
    dali a sad nimu mang luod uy.. hahahaha... bz lang mga tao... Sa may au nato ron?

    Check United Backpackers thread nana mga update.

    Solo ni ngari!! hehe
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    I have been to almost all major cities in the
    Philippines. Pero sayang kau kay wa nako
    gi sulit ang byahe-it was all work.

    I have visited some landmarks to the places
    I went. But mostly, wa jud nako na visit ang
    mga landmarks.

    Ulahi na jud ang pagbasol.

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    anyone up for West and East trip?

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    east trip!

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