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Malapascua Diving Island WOW

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    Default Malapascua: Budget Friendly Resort

    Hi folks!

    We're planning to go to Malapscua with my wife-to-be after our Boracay trip at the end of April. If you happen to have gone there already, I'm asking your advice as to which place (hotel or resort) is cheap but worth your money.

    Boracay is not an ideal place to have a honeymoon because of its crowd. So we plan to spend it instead in Malapascua after going to Boracay. My fiancee's sister offered us the honeymoon in Bora but unfortunately I don't like it there. I heard that Boracay is a nice place, but I think it depends on what's your idea of a nice place. If you're a party person or a social person and want to rub elbows with complete strangers, then Bora is your thing.

    I never dreamed of going to Bora in all my life but this free offer comes my way so I just respect it.

    So any nice place you know in Malapascua where you can relax with your loved one wiithout getting ogled at or stared at. Where you can have some kissing or petting (or a few thriller, know what i mean?Â* )

    thanks a lot.

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    Default Re: Any affordable place in Malapascua?

    When are you going?Â* We have a place there which is a very private cove with its own beach area you can romp around even in the nude without anybody really getting a view of your nakedness.Â* It's not one of those advertised resorts because it has not been developed yet but we bought that place because of its superb privacy.Â* If we can put up some cottage or dwelling place before your scheduled trip, you might just be the first one to use the place.Â* We will see what we can do.

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    Default Re: Any affordable place in Malapascua?

    thanks seeker01.

    but pls let me know where exactly is that? can u pls give me a litlle detail as to how far it is from a popular resort or beach in malapascua? i think it's a nice place to be.

    i plan to go to malapascua on the first week of may after our trip to bora which will be on last week of april. maybe, even if there's no cottage or structure to sleep in, we can bring our tent there and set up our camp there and what a perfect honeymoon! i think doing it (the "it" thing ) outside the tent is cool. i fantasize of doing it al fresco with my loved one without having to worry about being minded at.

    can i possibly go there?

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    Default Re: Malapascua

    will be goin there by next weekend..with my friends..
    a friend of mine lives just near the place..

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    Default Re: Malapascua

    i was there from April 29-May1, 2006 (3 days, 2 nights). bag-o lang ko kaabot gahapon. from my experience, it was super! :mrgreen:

    it was a spur-of-the-moment-thing when one of my friends told me he felt like leaving the city for a bit so he invited me and a friend of his. i was hesitant to go at first because i was on a tight budget but i got dragged to the island nevertheless. it was a wonderful adventure cos it was my first time to go there and it was my first time as well to travel going north of cebu province. so all three of us went there. no reservations made ahead. determined to get away from the urbanities of metro cebu. my budget was only P1500.

    i decided to quote someone so i can have some information to compare. this person's post was way back in 2003, so this kinda serves as an update...for this year, hehe.

    here's how to get there... ride a P75 bus to maya via bagay (dont take the hagnaya route kay madugay mo ug 30 minutes). rough riders or autobus ang sakyan sa north bus terminal. first trip ani is 5pm, then every hour na dayon. naay 6am na aircon bus pwede ninyo masakyan.

    we rode this bus from the north bus terminal as well. i wasn't really sure if it was rough riders or autobus but we only payed P60 and it wasn't an aircon bus. we rode from cebu city to maya. it was a long ride, it was almost 5 hours cos the bus we rode went through so many village highways so i guess it wasn't rough riders or autobus then cos i read somewhere nga dili na ni sila maghapit-hapit. around 11am among departure from cebu city then abot mi sa maya by 4:20pm.

    then, pag abot ninyo sa maya, sakay mo ug pumpboat padungÂ* na sa malapascua. tag P25 kung pilipino, P50 kung foreigner or kung kuyog ka ug foreigner P50 pud imong bayad. every 30 minutes ang larga sa mga pumpboat. dayon kung dagko diay ang balud, dili sila palargahon.

    P40 pesos lang ang bayad namo sa pumpboat. same lang ang amount for foreigners. nadugay mi gamay. imbis na 4:30pm larga na unta, nagdugay-dugay ang 5 ka pasahero which made me a little annoyed, considering it was hot and i was sweating and a little tired from the bumpy travel (kay sa likod man mi sa bus nilingkod) plus abog pa jud mi gamay.

    mahal ang mga cottages and resorts na naa sa atubangan, kanang dungguanan sa mga pumpboat. ang pinaka barato nga resort na naa sa atubang kay tag P800/day (loida's). naay barato sa may likod (white sand) tag P300/day. btw, ang rates nila kay mahal during the months of november to april, barato during may to october.

    mahal jud ang beachfront cottages. when we got there, the range is from P900 to P1500 depending on the accomodation. i guess it was because it was april, peak season. most of the rooms were occupied and we had a hard time looking for one. like i said, kinalit-kalit lang to among vacation, no reservations. since 3 lang mi, we opted to search for rooms sa likod na jud sa major resort areas. we found this 'wigwam' room in rio bravo resort. ang among kauban isa kay master man mu char-char ug manabi, we got the small room for 250 per night (the rate is P200 per night for 2 people and P50 for additional head). we bought our own food, water and soda drinks so nag-add lang mi P75 everytime magpaluto mi. we brought some canned goods, some marinated chicken meat and chips. mag-add lang mi P5 for ice for our mineral water or soda.

    dili jud kayo super nice ang room pero ma-tolerate ra. besides, we spent most of our time out and we mainly needed the room as a place to sleep. we didn't mind if ang ilang tubig pangkaligo medyo salty gamay. it's understandable, it's a small island. pero ok lang kay di man ga-undang ilang tubig, kusog man agas pirmi.

    dayon ayaw mo ug kaun sa resort mismo kay medyo mahal sab. almost tag P100~ kada meal, pero kay dagko man sab ang serving dayon presko sab ang mga seafood. adto mo sa gingging's restaurant kay barato ra. pati mga foreigner dadto gakaun sa gingging.

    since naka-save jud mi sa rent and food, we had the opportunity to try out the dishes of some resorts. we opted to have some snacks in cocobana. mga P100 kapin ang range. we also tried having breakfast in gingging's. the price was around P100 as well. we had dinner at sunsplash. it's my top choice for a place to eat and lounge. nice ambience and they have couches/lounge seats with bamboo frames. nagtagsa jud mi didto and pahigda-higda lang while eating pizza and drinking shakes. okay pud ilang crepe didto. i ordered butter and jam crepe (strawberry jam ang ilang gamit) and although it took almost an hour to prepare, it was worth the wait. they have billiards too but we didn't play cos it wasn't our thing.Â*

    sunsplash has a floating bar as well. they still have the buy 1 take one drinks for P150 each. we ordered a margarita, mai thai and white russian. hehehe, i got tipsy.
    dayon kung mag expect mo na nindot ang beach dadto, basin ma disappoint lang mo. kay although whit sand siya, mas nindot pa ang panglao nga white sand. nindot duon ngadto mag snorkel or mag dive kay daghan isda ug corals. medyo virgin pa ang dagat. naa pa gyud daghan tresher sharks. advice lang nako, pagdala mo ug inyong goggles, fins and snorkel kung naa mo para dili mo magmahay. naa nuon ma rent pero mahal sab. dili sab diay advisable na mag beach beach mo during this time of year kay daghan kaayo bokya. kung type ninyo mag swimming, ligo mo didto sa may likod na part sa island (sa lapus-lapus).

    the beach is nice. white sand, clear blue waters, but yeah, daghan jud seaweed manglutaw and batohon ang bottom so we didn't take the risk. nag-slippers na lang mi while in the water. lisod na masamad or matunok sa tuyum. we may mahilig sa amo mag-dive or mag-snorkel so we didn't care for that at all. we liked plunging in the water (cooling off), basking under the sun, lying on the sand, walking along the beach and sightseeing for heavenly bodies. daghan jud imal na kiki among nakit-an didto, as in super! we were diong our stupid "search for mr. malapascua 2006" game. kung kinsa jud ang super ka imal, maoy winner. it was just a game between the three of us though. hehe...

    so far, we didn't see any jellyfish (bokya). we went to los bamboos resort in guimbitayan at the opposite end of the main bounty beach. gamay ra tao and P20 lang ang entrance and you're free to roam around the resort. you can go further and have a spectacular view of lapus-lapus islet and of the sea with rocky coastlines. pwede sad ka maligo but only if kahibalo jud ka mulangoy. if your swimming skill is so-so or if you don't know how to swim at all, don't attempt to plunge in the water. it may look like mabaw ra siya but it's actually deep.

    wala kuryente dadto kung buntag. gabii ra naa, mga 6:30pm mag sugod. pero ang mga mahalon na resort mga 5pm pa lang naa na kuryente. wala signal ang globe didto, smart lang and sa mga pili pa gyud na lugar. ayaw pag expect na maka text text ka dadto.

    it's the same story with regards to the electricity. pero it wasn't a problem for us really. globe has signal now, full bars gali ko didto. they have a tower na man.

    kung party animal mo, visit maldito beach resort. tapad lang ni sa white sand resort. naay gimik dadto every night kun maayo ang panahon. upto alas 2am.

    unfortunately, closed na ang maldito. for party animals or if gusto mo musayaw, sa rio brave ra jud ang daghan tao but their music might be too provincial. think of popular OPM rock songs gi-remix and gihimong sayaw... i danced but not a lot. kato rang mga tunes nga feel nako.

    overall, P2000 is sobra na gali...

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    Default Re: Malapascua

    mangadto mi sa malapascua next month sa akong friend...
    dli ba kaha mi masaag, puros raba mi first timer didto sundon lng namo imo direction north_star.

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    Default Re: Malapascua

    Didto diay ka north_star? sayang wala ta nagkita...i was there from April 30 to May 2...just arrived this afternoon in Cebu....still malapascua has a nice beach....ayaw lang didto sa may Cocobana....adto kaligo sa Norhern part of the island..kanang dapit sa Dano beach resort.. very nice ang sand didto and the waters ...very tempting part in the bounty beach sa malapascua...

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    Default Re: Malapascua

    atut nahan na no on ko balik ddto.....hehehhehee..

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    Default Re: Malapascua

    i was in malapascua 4 yrs ago. from ur description of the place, nothing much have changed. except for the new bars u mentioned, the names aren't familiar anymore. gilangoy raman na namo ang floating bar uy!

    naa gihapon ang 8-ball billiard tourney sa maldito every night? mao raman tu amo gikalingawan, maglist sa name on the blackboard then u get to challenge the winner of the previous game.

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    Default Re: Malapascua

    wow daghan diay imal na kiki didto! adto nya ko nyahahaha

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