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Asa nindot puy-an sa Mindanao?

This discussion is about "Asa nindot puy-an sa Mindanao?" in the "Destinations" forums.
Originally Posted by rocketvision This is OT but I will not let you get away with your insult. You're wrong, we're talking about physics and ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocketvision View Post
    This is OT but I will not let you get away with your insult. You're wrong, we're talking about physics and politics in the chatrooms and forums. Contrary to your narrowminded utak talangka perspective nga gakatol mandaot gyud sa isigka-Pilipino it was my independent views that made our discussions livelier (ayaw na la'g tugatuga pangutana unsa kay dili ka kasabot masuya ka lang kay nabutahan ka sa imong sinahong kahambog). For around 8 years I have been sharing views with my inventor friend from Europe because I was one of those individuals he can speak with ideas (and him I can speak with also) on such broad issues from events, physics, politics, to eastern philosophies and ancient cultures to his futuristic invention and our visions. When I go to politics chatrooms I advocate a very independent perspective that even Americans didn't know yet on the complexities involving the global situation that eventually affects this country, and contrary to your colonial mindset I am one of those most critical of the manipulation to their system relative to certain issues. However unlike you, these people I met were far more mature and instead appreciated my criticism because they took it constructively. There was also this Physicist-doctor who PM'd and invited me to go back to our chatroom, then he profusely thanked me in behalf of the regs there and even mentioned all the rooms I frequented for sharing my views with them because it tuned out he met a prominent individual, a Doctor-Mechanical Engineer and co-inventor of a life saving maneuver that had benefited countless lives around the world. He had discussed with that individual the many topics that I had been sharing with them like Gravity, Consciousness, AI and he said that my views synchronized with this individual's views also, which enabled him to befriend the prominent person in which he's thankful for my selfless sharing views with them. These are the kinds of people that encourages and inspires me, even despite the anonymous nature of internet I get to find sensible, sincere individuals around the world, dili na ko mag-tyaga pa sa mga utak talangka ug sinahon diri.

    Kanang mga sinahon, intrigero, hambogerong binuloy ug paminsar, utak talangka were never my inspiration. And while Mindanao or Pilipinas will have rude, arrogantly ignorant, envious individuals like the attitudes shown here, it cannot be a better place to live. Dili ko gusto ang Dabaw macorrupted pa sa ingon ana kinaiya nga rampant sa Pilipinas kay daghan na silang gibiktima. I would rather prefer Davao to be a distinct, unique place with sensible, broad minded, cultured and civilized people living in it so that it will be a respite to live with in this messed up country. Kung dili mo makabuhat ana because of arrogance sa pagkasinahon ug utak talangka ninyo, puyo lang sa ubang lugar kesa diri para dili madugangan mga panuway diri.

    I don't want to discuss further with you, your arrogant, materialistic, crab mentality attitude does not interest me.
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    Pwede pakibisaya? taga Mindanao man gud ko... dili ko kasabot English ba na imo storya, latin, ininsik?

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    Ahahahahaha...ahahahhaha... ahahahahhaa...

    Bwahahahaha... bwahahahhaha... ahahahahha...

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