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Dumaguete, what's there and how to get there?

This discussion is about "Dumaguete, what's there and how to get there?" in the "Destinations" forums.
i'm from dumaguete too....

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    Default Dumaguete

    i'm from dumaguete too.

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    Default Dumaguete

    Naa ba pwede ma rent nga motor sa Dgte? Like honda dream, crypton, etc? Asa dapit? and how much?

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    Default Dumaguete

    naa daghan duol silliman. just ask around diha dapita

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    Default Dumaguete

    From Dumaguete Too... very nice and cozy place.. ideal for people who would like peace and quiet and simple living...

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    Default Dumaguete

    can i rent a bike for two?

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    Default Dumaguete

    im not from dumaguete but i want to go there too.

    my friend is from dumaguete. he said that the night life there was excellent...a lot of mestizas!!!

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    Default Dumaguete


    motor sa dgte tag 20/hr minimum i think of 5hrs so prepare 100 bucks! just show dem ur liscence and leave another ID. pwede nka mangCHICKS dude. daghan paent motor didto, u can try tapad sa OK pension. Boy! do dey have YOUNG pretty flowers!! hehehehe

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    Default Dumaguete

    nindot ang dmgte. lingaw, daghan imnanan ngadto hahaha they say, if u dont drink in dmgte, then ur not in dmgte daghang batan-on, since its a university city... and gamay ra ang place, 1 day lang sweto naka sa mga streets.

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    Default Dumaguete

    Studied for 4 years in Dumagute. I love this place! and yes, the moon is always bigger there. *sigh*

    For interested backpackers, here are my recommendations:

    1.) Accomodation
    * Habitat Hotel (inside Silliman)- their family suite is HUGE, and it's only 800 bucks or less, i think.
    * I forgot the name, but it's near the Ceres Terminal, sa may bulangan. A room costs P100-150 lang.
    * Try sa mga dorms inside Silliman. Just pretend that you're there to check the school for plans of studying there someday. A bed costs around a hundred bucks. Inquire sa SPO (Hibbard Building).

    2.) Transportation
    * Rent a motorcycle (Honda Dream, Econo, etc.) near OK Pension (Landmarks: gasoline station, Cathedral Church)
    * if you're planning to go to Bais City, take the Vhire, across Holy Cross (near Taster's). One trip costs P40.

    3.) Food
    * Dont leave Dumaguete without trying the chicken sauce at CityBurger 2, across a gasoline station, near Ultra Vision Cinema.
    * Rosante's PIZZA!!! P160 ang box. super kalami gyud. The place is across Scooby's Silliman.
    * Taster's, back of Cang's Department Store. The best hawaiian burger in the region.
    * Chantily's --- used to escape from my dorm manager to buy their brownies. Super yummy. Worth the scolding afterwards. hehe.
    * Silliman Cafeteria --go there at 3 pm, and be the first to eat the fresh-from-the-oven cheese and langka bread. Certified: to-die-for.
    * Manggahan - if you can stand the heat, try their very affordable (but delicious) steaks. Your P100 there can go a long way, man. =)

    4.) Entertainment
    * San Moritz - ghost-hunting (hehe) and inom.
    * Gimmick
    * Boulevard - the place is teeming with bars, bars and bars. Go there for some CLEAN fun. it's also one of the most beautiful places i've seen at sunset. if you're low on budget, you can always have a meal of tempura (2.5) and rice (2.00). Apili nalang ug Coke to make it "perfect" --you, your meal, the setting sun and Coke!

    5.) Sighseeing/Tours (in and outside of Dumaguete)
    * Apo Island
    * Antulao Resort
    * Silliman University Campus - Marine lab, museum, mini forest, old buildings.
    * Zamboangita's Fr. Tropah's Zoo (beware of the baby monkies. they're baaad!)
    * Valencia --little Baguio. just 15 mins from Dumaguete, mashock ka sa difference sa temperature. Try their Casaroro Falls.
    * Bais City - my homebase!!! Do include it in your itinerary. I assure you you'll have fun (or biased lang gyud ko). Try: Whale/Dolphin Watching, White Sand (Sand Bar), Bais Days Hotel (for breathtaking view of the city and neighboring islands), halo-halo (sa may baseball field).

    6.) Shopping
    * Super Lee - Nike products, Guess, etc. are at least 50 percent cheaper. grabe gyud.

    * Alemay (sa may Pulang Bato) - thrift house. Great finds if you're looking for antique chandeliers, lampshades, bed posts, etc.

    * Ukay-ukay - near Provincial hospital

    :P hope i've helped. Enjoy!

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    Default Dumaguete

    oops! forgot this:

    Main Attraction:
    the meztizoz and meztizas of Dumaguete City.

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