• Yummier Ways to Diet

      Probably the most challenging feat today is maintaining a fit and healthy body. Add that with the wish of a slimmer waistline and a flatter abdomen, well, some might just surrender to the fact this will always be a wish and nothing more.

      The existence of Cheetos, Chippy, Magnum, chocolates, barbecued banana on a stick, manggang hilaw on the side streets makes it a tad harder.

      Even when you exercise a lot, diet plays a big factor in achieving that body that you always want. But when we say diet, a vision always comes into mind which would demotivate a lot of those who are picky with food: bland food, bland food and bland food. However, we believe dieting should not be like that-- all the time.

      Here are some food items that will aid you in your goal (coupled with exercise, of course) and at the same time, will not sacrifice your taste buds:

      1. Eggs- are the easiest and most accessible and a great source of protein. It has a healthy balance of amino acids—the protein building blocks used by your body to produce everything from muscle fibers to brain chemicals. Eat one egg with your breakfast and you’ll feel full until lunch.

      2. Apples- If you eat an apple a day, not only does it drive the doctor away, it also drives away that hunger pangs. Also, apples are more effective in keeping you awake in the morning more than coffee.

      3. Soy- Although some studies show that too much soy do not have good effects because of some hormone content, a moderate consumption of soy can still be good as it is full of fiber, protein and antioxidants. 25 grams of soy protein daily is considered moderate.

      4. Almonds- are so addictive once you get a pack and yet, it helps you prevent weight gain and curb cravings. It contains protein, fiber, Vitamin E, magnesium. It helps build and maintain muscle tissue and regulate blood sugar (because of the magnesium content).

      5. Greeny and leafy Veggies- All leafy green veggies like spinach and broccoli, have low calorie counts. So no matter how much you eat on this stuff, you can never go wrong and you will feel full. They are also a good source of protein, which would fuel those who are working out.

      6. Yogurt- If you want to have less gas, bloating and constipation for a flatter tummy, you need probiotic bacteria, which are present in yogurts!

      7. Avocado- among other fruits, avocadoes contain more beta-sitoseral. which smashes cholesterol, than any other fruit. You can do a lot with your avocado like put it in a salad or make a veggie dip, etc.

      8. Bananas- tired of your belly bloating? Lessen the amount of sodium in your body! How? Load up with potassium. And what’s more loaded with potassium than any other fruit? Bananas!

      9. Dark chocolate- who says you cannot diet with chocolates? Oh yes, you can. But with the right kind and the right amount. This time, go with dark chocolates. A small piece a day (matchbox size) will keep your belly slim. It also contains compounds that protect against heart diseases, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

      10. Peanut Butter- 2 tablespoons a day will keep you full without making you fat. Peanut butter contains magnesium, vitamin E, potassium and B6. So, you can eat your peanut butter straight from the tablespoon with gusto or put it in some wheat bread for a yummy and healthy snack. (Friendly reminder: choose all-natural peanut butter, with peanut as main ingredient and not swimming in sugar)

      So, there you go! We hope we helped you in your yummy way to dieting. For suggestions and more questions, please feel free to comment and mag iSTORYA TA!
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      1. gracie7's Avatar
        gracie7 -
      1. razorblde's Avatar
        razorblde -
        pwes! sugdan na dayon ang apple and almonds diet..sosyal!
      1. inc-pankz's Avatar
        inc-pankz -
        hmmm lamia ani na diet.. i can deal with these foods. hehe. .

        kanang yacult pariha rana sa yugurt ?
      1. thisbe.ara's Avatar
        thisbe.ara -
        yakult has higher sugar content and lower protein compared to yogurt...
      1. mico1984's Avatar
        mico1984 -
        payts ni.. kay summer baya lean & mean!
      1. mushy08's Avatar
        mushy08 -
        this article is very helpful. thank you for sharing this!
      1. kuya88's Avatar
        kuya88 -
        super helpful!
      1. iping's Avatar
        iping -
        informative write up. this would help a lot of istoryans na eager modaot.
      1. tattooed_soul's Avatar
        tattooed_soul -
        can I have all of these in my refrigerator it's all sooo yummY!!!
      1. tattooed_soul's Avatar
        tattooed_soul -
        nice one...
      1. murdocman12's Avatar
        murdocman12 -
        a good start!! tnx
      1. khcdawal's Avatar
        khcdawal -
        yummy yet full of nutrients..
      1. aNgeL_M's Avatar
        aNgeL_M -
        This is Great!
      1. barca's Avatar
        barca -
        waw!!!! yumm yumm... but di kaya to.. hahaha to love to eat all kindsa foods.. hahahaha
      1. piedrro's Avatar
        piedrro -
        Di ba makatambok ug maayo ang itlog?
      1. fire2k8me's Avatar
        fire2k8me -
        knsa girl dre.. pa add sa facebook beh.. dungan tag diet, mangaon tag yogurt sa ayala.. hehehe
      1. franzyap's Avatar
        franzyap -
        lisod paniwang nya sayon patambok
      1. gierome's Avatar
        gierome -
        i will definitely try this. ill set up a healthy food per meal.
      1. hmchua's Avatar
        hmchua -
        i love this diet!..
      1. kabisdak's Avatar
        kabisdak -
        I agree in this ...heheheh

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