• A Slice of Pia Pie: Why Write about Love?

      Introduction to iSTORYA.NET's new Column- A Slice of Pia Pie

      As a budding writer continuously learning the ropes, I’m grateful to have written about many things in a span of a few years – interesting profiles, food & restaurant reviews, what’s trending and even about the diet and detox programs I have undergone and shared with no holds barred. Like most writers, I make it a point to write from the heart, even on topics about a certain yogurt or a new establishment worth telling people about. I have treated each and every article with equal importance, for they are all valuable to me. Though, I have never written about matters of my own heart, nor did I expect that I would, up until now. Probably because I’ve never kept a diary or maintained a personal blog before, but mainly because, for the longest time I was single and obviously had nothing to write about on the matter. Writing about the lack thereof, also wasn’t my cup of tea.


      People who know me well, knows that I like to challenge myself – just because. Honestly, nobody asked me to start writing about love in general or my so-called “love life”. I just happened to be staring at my computer screen with the Microsoft Word program running and next thing I knew, I was typing away about something so personal. I started writing about the current state that I’m in, which is a woman in her mid-twenties that’s so giddy and so in love. You see, I was single for many years before I found love again, but I’ll tell you more about that as we go along. So in case you’re wondering, that’s really why I decided to start writing about LOVE. It just happened to fall on the month of love, but has got nothing to do with Valentine’s Day.

      Why read my stories? Truth be told, we come across a million and one articles online or on print about love and I certainly have no right to say that my articles will be any different. Except for the fact that it’s based on my experiences and not anyone else’s, about me that’s written by me and shared with you. So this I promise you dear istoryans – I am on a mission to write about LOVE without any pretentions and I will make every post as colorful as I could while I attempt to infuse them with both depth and humor.
      You may not always agree with what I have to say for we all know that it’s different strokes for different folks. Though, as I’ve mentioned, I never had a personal blog so this is my chance to treat every article like a personal blog where I can reflect, share my experiences (which doesn’t always have to be good ones) and write just about anything related to matters of my own heart. You’re more than welcome to read on and hopefully, be entertained in the process.

      This is only the beginning. . .


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      A Slice of Pia Pie
      an iSTORYA.NET Column

      Grab a spoon and take A slice of Pia Pie for this column will take you on delectable conversations about love through the eyes, heart and soul of our pretty, perky and young columnist, Pia. Each article is a like gourmet of fun and surprising realizations, relatable experiences for those who are just in a relationship, getting out of it or just into the whole belief that love makes the whole world round!

      About the Writer
      Pia is a twenty-something Cebuana that would have been happy to escape the miasma that Valentine’s Day and all that mushiness brings about this time of the year. Except, Cupid decided it was her time and as hokey as this may sound, she got struck by his arrow not so long ago. The result? She’s been literally high on dopamine. So high to the point that she even challenged herself to start a LOVE column with us here at iSTORYA.NET, no less!

      Although Pia may still be floating on cloud nine, when both feet are on the ground, she’s one driven office gal who happens to love schedules, deadlines and a fast-paced working environment. She’s also been very passionate about writing and is continuously filling her plate with writing assignment – lots of them. However, a LOVE column was the last thing she thought she’d be doing. Well, you can’t blame her for starting one, since the power of LOVE was allegedly one factor that contributed to her going easy on herself. This self-confessed workaholic has learned when to stop and smell the flowers, when to keep calm and carry on and all that jazz, just about the same time she fell in love. Could there be any connection? We bet. For whatever it is, we here at iSTORYA.NET are more than happy to have an additional delicious dish of love experiences. We warn you though, a slice of Pia Pie will keep you coming back for more!
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      1. thisbe.ara's Avatar
        thisbe.ara -
        hatchling sis! so proud of you! welcome to iSTORYA.NET! you are a great addition to the family. <3 <3 <3 more slices, soon? yeah!
      1. kabisdak's Avatar
        kabisdak -
        slice of a pia pie....

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