• The Watermelon Theory: The Challenges of Posting at the Buy & Sell Section

      With more than half a million threads, more than 13million posts, and more than a hundred thousand members in the span of 11 years, iSTORYA.NET sure lives up to its title of being Cebu’s Most Active and the Philippine’s Strongest Online Community.

      What does this mean for forumers? Of course, more interaction, a lot of people to mingle with and a lot of topics to discuss!

      But for those who really mean business, this could only mean one thing-- Traffic is heavy here. And in contrast to daily vehicular traffic, online traffic is like ka-ching, ka-ching to businessmen who know and understand their market!

      Traffic means market. And an interactive market means more potential customers thus, more sales and more brand exposure!

      Add the strict and well-moderated Buy and Sell Rules, you are assured that sellers transact in a legitimate and professional manner.

      However, posting at the Buy and Sell Section at iSTORYA.NET will also give you challenges. Click Like (or raise your hands in the air and do the boogie) if you can relate to said theory, which I am aptly calling, for the fun of it—the Watermelon Theory.

      Competitors (grrr!) So the watermelon theory in the Buy and Sell section is just as it sounds like-- It’s like selling watermelon at the street. Even if it was your idea or you are the first one selling watermelon, chances are, there will be like 50 watermelon stalls sprouting at your left and right and all you can do by then is either sulk at your competitors or raise your voice for passerby’s to be potential customers.

      Same goes with the Buy and Sell hoopla in iSTORYA.NET. It doesn’t matter if it’s your original idea. Sooner or later, there will be others doing the same. So what do you do?

      BUMP! (Up! Up! Up!) – So, in continuation to our watermelon theory, in order to stay on top of the 50 other watermelon stalls, you need to beautify your stall and make sure that this will be the first thing that the customer will see and go to. Or in our technical jargon, BUMP it up. Some will even go as far as prioritizing beautification of their “stalls” rather than attracting customers. This means that time and messages spent on interaction is buried on Up for today posts so that the thread will be bumped.

      Fear no more, my watermelon friends! iSTORYA.NET sees your challenges, thus we came up with a solution!

      Together with the site upgrade on Feb 22, we will be coming up with the Buy and Sell Feature called PREMIUM STICKY. In our watermelon world, this means, you get to buy off the best spot in that watermelon lane and make sure that you will be the first ones to be noticed. This way, your concern is not to pave your way in daily to have the best spot—the main concern is just to sell and interact with customers!

      Okay, going back to the technical stuff before I go out and sell watermelons myself, a Premium Sticky just means that your thread will be stickied at a certain period of time for a minimal cost. It means affordable advertising for your business; with the assurance of being in the first page of your category. We ensure more potential traffic and readers to your post considering you are always on the first page.

      The Premium Sticky feature gives instant exposure to your business, products, services or brands. Knowing that customers do not want to go to Page 2 or browse deeper, being a Premium Sticky holder gives an impression that you are proud of your products or services, and that you mean business.

      Ready to amp up your business? Sticky it, stay on top of the business and eat watermelon! Nah, I'm just kidding about the watermelon thingie. I kid, I kid!

      For more information, please contact or PM
      m: (+63917) 3117694 e: norman@istorya.net

      This article was originally published in forum thread: The Watermelon Theory: The Challenges of Posting at the Buy & Sell Section started by thisbe.ara View original post
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      Comments 8 Comments
      1. angelcruzin's Avatar
        angelcruzin -
        Indeed! Asa na dapit namaligya og watermelon hehe.. lot of yummy fruits.. mura nice magshopping diha da
      1. IneedAhotel's Avatar
        IneedAhotel -
        nice concept.. we'll see if the return is good.
      1. superidol's Avatar
        superidol -
        ayay!! murag nindot ni dah . . .
      1. mabby's Avatar
        mabby -
        Excited to be junior member to test the theory
      1. kat5252's Avatar
        kat5252 -
        nice one!
      1. Blazing Hunter's Avatar
        Blazing Hunter -
        Nice One.....
      1. nanotski's Avatar
        nanotski -
        this is nice..i'll try this one for sure
      1. amorchuckie's Avatar
        amorchuckie -
        Bantog ra la nahalin ako pakwan.

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