• TV Back then: That's Entertainment!

      Growing up, I can clearly recall rooting for some day groups. It was much more fun than watching noontime shows or talent searches. Hey, that’s entertainment! Indeed, it is THAT’s ENTERTAINMENT!

      Remember this TV show?

      Even before Ang TV or any other kiddie talent shows, That’s Entertainment ruled the television then, making way for idol notebooks and a splurge of nostalgia for all of us now.

      Back then, there's no comment like, "Eeeww! Local TV show! Yuck ka-corny!" or what our dear A.F.'s comment towards Bisayas: "Baduy!" There is no such thing. Because back then, there was no cable TV. No other choice but to appreciate local TV and local talents.

      Hosted by German “Kuya Germs” Moreno and Ike Lozada (deceased), That’s first aired on January 6, 1986 by the GMA Network and gained popularity almost overnight as young audiences rooted for their idols.

      Big names in the industry such as Broadway Star Lea Salonga, international pop star Billie Crawford (then Billie Joe), international MTV DJ Donita Rose, icons Ruffa Gutierrez, Judy Ann Santos, Vina Morales, Janno Gibbs, etc. were all from That's Entertainment. It might had been entertaining for the audience but for them, it harnessed them to become what they are now-- with all the rehearsals, time constraints, etc.

      The kids then who are now big names in showbiz, in politics, some are deceased, some inactive and living their own private lives, were then grouped into 5, signifying the days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. All 5 groups were joined together every Saturday so that each can perform a well-rehearsed production number, highlighting into Kuya Germs announcing the weekly winner.

      The show had its last episode last March 1996 during the height of its popularity. The last episode was coined “That’s the Reunion” which former members reunited in a TV special. This gained an award for the Best Musical Special in the 1996 Star Awards..

      Here were the day groups, what group did you root for?

      List Source: wikipedia
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      Comments 6 Comments
      1. tuWaD!!!'s Avatar
        tuWaD!!! -
        hehehe, monday group
      1. thisbe.ara's Avatar
        thisbe.ara -
        i loved caselyn francisco! she was hilarious. i wonder where she is now.
      1. gazelle's Avatar
        gazelle -
        yes jud sheryl jennifer away2x nga mga fans, hahahaha, makalingaw jud lumba dayon pauli sa bay dalion ang sweepers sched sa skol. Thursday group d i ko adto
      1. dessay's Avatar
        dessay -
        thursday group ko kay paborito nako si Romnick hahaha..dili gud ko ganahan ni sheryl cruz adto..

        pag sabado malingaw ko sa mga presentations nila so permi gyud ko gatan-aw.
      1. istoryanimo's Avatar
        istoryanimo -
        as far as i remember ... delayed yung show kasi after a week pa yung broadcast dito sa GMA7 cebu. wala pa yung cable tv. by the way like the friday group.. dahil nandyan si Donita Cruz
      1. maui1976's Avatar
        maui1976 -
        bata pa kau ko ani plus wala pajud mi tv..huhu..

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