• TV and Cartoons: Is There An Educational Value for Kids?

      Even with the advent of gadgets, every household in the country has television sets. People are still glued to the tube and watch their favorite primetime teleseryes and variety shows on TV.

      There is still an endless debate on whether watching TV, specifically cartoons, is healthy for kids or not. Is there really an educational value in watching TV for hours in a day?

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      The answer for me is ďIt depends.Ē

      I am a certified TV addict. Oh yes, and it seems like my eyes and ears are stuck on the set when my favorite show is on. I remembered watching the infamous Tom and Jerry cartoons, one of my favorites. For those who donít know, Tom and Jerry are your typical cat and mouse tandem who loves to kick each other, hit each other with sharp objects or blow each other up. Definitely not a good cartoon to watch but hey, Iím not influenced by it. Thank God for that.

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      What I mean to say is that TV is not at all bad for kids. Itís the shows they are watching and how long they are glued to the tube that they forget their homework. Take for example, Tom and Jerry cartoons and other cartoons for that matter. They show characters who are violent, who loves to play pranks on other characters and hit each other. My nieces used to like that show, but upon seeing how it has influenced violent behavior on them, their mother prohibited them to watch those shows. Now they stick to the Disney princesses.

      As parents, we should be responsible and guide our kids when they watch TV. Itís great that the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) imposed strict classification ratings on TV shows so that we are aware of what is being shown on TV. Even so, we should be there for them if they ask questions about what they are watching. My sister and I love watching teleseryes and sometimes my son joins us. But whenever something violent or provocative is being shown, I cover those little eyes and distract him.

      Itís different for older kids though. They should already be responsible enough to know what to watch or not. However, we as parents should still be able to guide them. Impose certain rules on TV watching, limit the hours and if possible, monitor what is on TV. Use a TV guide if you must. I know it sounds kind of exhausting but it is better to know what is right for the kids.

      Have you watched TV lately? Are the shows you watch good for your kids? Share your thoughts with us.

      Maria Celeste Abellana
      iSTORYA League of Writers
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      1. Bangkilan's Avatar
        Bangkilan -
        *Depende pudni ni siya og unsay gitna.aw sa bata*

        We must first classify what is amusement shows and what is educational shows

        Most parents often think that cartoons films on tv are created all equal, NO

        they're not. just becauze theres a cartoon shows on tv it does not mean that

        the message within the show is one intend for kids. This is all about parental

        supervision / support & engagement.


        Educational shows that promotes learning / Value / Growth and Development.

        *Sesame Street
        *Sid the Science Kid

        Entertainment shows for kids that only provides laughter and amusement.

        *Oggy and cockroach
        *Adventure time
        *Regular show

        ONE THING TO NOTE : that not all of the time you can stimulate them

        they also have to learn to occupy themselves.

        *Thanks for this post
      1. tiwit$'s Avatar
        tiwit$ -
        Thanks for the feedback @Bangkilan. I agree with what you said about parental supervision. Just to add, aside from TV watching, parents can also teach kids how to play games indoors or outdoors. Now that would be fun

        PS: My son loves LeapFrog and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

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