• A Tough Act to Follow

      Back in High School, I have been chasing chapter after chapter from pocket books that I've read of the ideal man I want to end up with. I have spent my teen years to adulthood building castles of my own fairy tale with a dashing prince who will sweep me off my feet and keep me happy forever in wedded bliss. However, all these imageries of a happy ever after have slowly died down when I've come to terms with reality and a lot of pains of growing up. What remained constant is the unconditional love I get since day one from a remarkable man who was ever so selfless to a fault that no one else can measure up to his greatness... Not even a tad bit...

      At the age of thirty-five, my Dad at the peak of his career embraced a new role that changed his life in a drastic sweep of fate. He became a single parent of four kids ages -- 8, 7, 4 and 2.

      Barely at two years old, I was oblivious to what had happened to our family until I was eight years old. My Dad juggled his priorities from work, business, kids and the household leaving no time for himself to unwind. I couldn't even fathom the toil and stress he had gone through for thirty-five years! He gave up so much luxury in life just to provide us a good and happy childhood.

      Fate may have robbed us of a complete family but he never made us feel that we were broken and different from the rest of the families. I was even luckier because I have a superhero living with us under one roof!

      I mean who would ever give up his life at thirty-five to fend for four kids when he could've walked out on us and enjoyed his freedom and youth as a bachelor? It is rare for a man to do such feat. I once asked my Dad why he never gave up on us. He simply told me, "Kay pinangga man tikaw kamo... Kamo man ako kalipay, 'yee."

      True enough, every single day was a true testament of how much he loves us unconditionally. Despite the hardships he had encountered, he remained steadfast in his will to put us through good private schools, provided us with our basic needs and nurtured us with loving care and support which a regular Mom would do for her kids.

      For years now, I have so much love and respect for my Dad who has always been my inspiration in my dullest days, my strength in my weakest moments and my guiding light in my darkest hour. He has always been my partner even up to now that I'm already thirty-seven. He's my best friend, my number one fan, and my sweet critic. He has always been there for me in my victories and defeats even in my blissful moments and heartaches. My Dad is simply a heaven sent!
      Though lately, he's been hinting that I should get a partner of my own because I'm not getting any younger and he wants to see his grandchildren before he passed on to another horizon but he always get disappointed of my sheepish grin with a big NO.


      Having a family of my own seems like a good plan but my heart is not bent on having one. People might say I'm crazy for not wanting to settle down but I'm just being real. There may be a lot of men for me to choose from but the problem is they're not my Dad. They are simply pale in comparison to him because in my book, my Dad is definitely a tough act to follow...

      Happy Father's Day, Papa Lito!

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        THE KID -
        ... .. ..
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        pushbutton -
        kahilak man sab ta ani oi
      1. gracie7's Avatar
        gracie7 -
        There may be a lot of men for me to choose from but the problem is they're not my Dad. They are simply pale in comparison to him because in my book, my Dad is definitely a tough act to follow...

        @beyee "insert the line I always tell you"
      1. beyee's Avatar
        beyee -
        Quote Originally Posted by gracie7 View Post

        @beyee "insert the line I always tell you"
        Wa ko G, G hahaha!
        anyway, dugay na ni nako nasuwat
        katong wala pa ko kameet sa ako bulkie ^____^

        Happy I have met someone special who not
        not shares a commonground of my Dad's traits
        but also loved by him, as well

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