• Summer Girl 2017 of iSTORYA

      Last year, we had the whole spread in April for keen, volatile and cranberry or popularly dubbed as the Summer Girls of iStorya– with their different personalities and wit, they bared their personas behind their nicks as they shared their personal views on different aspects of life.

      This year we are graced with another belle. The new Summer Girl of iSTORYA is joziliciousbelle – the cheerful foodie who frequents in the chat box, Food & Dining, Love is and Humor sections of the forum.

      Want to know more about the new summer belle? Here is the rest of the interview with her personal thoughts and funny quips on things about life, love and just about anything under the sun.

      joziliciousbelle, The Cheerful Foodie

      iSTORYA (I): What’s your basic summer ensemble (clothing/fashion/style)?
      joziliciousbelle (J): My basic summer ensemble is something I’m comfortable wearing, like tank tops, shorts, a flowy dress, a pair of flip flops and sunglasses.

      I: What is your all-time-soundtrack-of-your-summer?
      J: My all-time favorite soundtrack is Ever After by Bonnie Bailey (high school feels with matching wind effect LOL)

      I: Have you experienced a summer fling in the past? (Tell us a bit about it.)
      J: Summer fling? haha yeah, I once did. It was a total failure, we didn’t end up together because he was my father’s close friend (kauban sila sa basket) and both of us thought “our relationship” sounds awkward. teheee

      I: Where is your ideal summer vacation destination?
      J: My ideal summer vacation is definitely going to the beach, island hopping and getting my skin tanned.

      I: Describe the last good summer vacation you went on?
      J: It was a mixture of good and sad summer vacation, last year’s summer when we went to our province for my grandmother’s burial. It was a memorable and fun summer vacation because all of my cousins were around and we went trekking to Mararison Island, Culasi, Antique and took pictures for our pre-nuptial shoot.

      SELFIE Q’S
      I: How did you come up with your nick, joziliciousbelle?
      J: Jozi & belle both are my nicknames and just inserted ‘licious’ from the word delicious (maski dili gud delicious) LOL.
      I: Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
      J: The biggest influence in my life is my mom. She made me/us (my siblings) believe that in life you always have to be good no matter how bad the person is and the best way to the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. She all taught us how to cook for our future husbands.

      I: Name a turning point in your life that makes you smile or cry.
      J: The turning point in my life that made me happy or smile, the most significant one was when I got married last year.

      I: What is something that can always make you feel better?
      J: Eating can always make me feel better, especially when I’m stressed out. hihihi

      I: What’s your biggest goal in life right now?
      J: To become a mother of twins someday. Hehehe

      I: What do you spend your money on the most and why?
      J: I spend MOST of my money on food trips, it makes me happy.

      LOVE Q’S
      I: Do you shy away from real love?
      J: No because I've accepted real love and this caused me to get married with the love of my life.

      I: What are the top three qualities that you look for when it comes to men?
      J: Responsible, knows how to cook *thumbs up*, honest and adventurous.

      I: Do you think fairy tales influence our choice of a partner?
      J: Yes, because way back in my younger years, I've always been an avid fan of fairy tales and I've seen different prince charmings - a prince who’s handsome, brave, polite and would be a perfect husband for his princess. I've always thought that prince charming only exists in fairytales, but I was proven wrong when I found him. When I look at him he will always be my handsome prince charming, a knight in shining armor and the one who’ll rescue me (from the evil witch).
      I: Do you give out second chances too easily?
      J: No I don’t. I investigate, give him conditions and see if he’s willing to change before I give him another chance.

      I: Have you ever broken someone's heart?
      J: Yes I did and I’m so sorry.

      Would You Rather…
      I: Skinny dip in the ocean in the middle of the night or in a public pool after it was closed?
      J: Skinny dip in the ocean.

      I: Catch up on reading some good books or catch up on watching old TV shows?
      J: Catch up on watching old TV shows

      I: Get stung by five bees at once or get a sunburn?
      J: Get a sunburn.

      I: Be single and have lots of summer flings, or settle down?
      J: Settle down

      I: Go to summer school and graduate a year early, or skip school and enjoy the summer?
      J: Skip school and enjoy the summer hihihi

      I: Wear a bikini or a one-piece bathing suit in front of your crush?
      J: One piece

      I: Have your own pool or have your own hot tub?
      J: Own Pool

      I: Get really tan or stay out of the sun?
      J: Get really tan

      I: Sweat all day every day in the sun, or have it rain every day?
      J: Hmmm hardest question so far… pwede 50-50?

      I: Pee on someone who got stung by a jellyfish, or have someone pee on your jellyfish sting?
      J: Pee on someone who got stung by a jellyfish

      I: What kind of guy would you love to meet this summer?
      J: Someone like my husband, bubbly and loves adventure

      Last question, in a nutshell, who is joziliciousbelle as a person outside the forum?
      J: Jozi behind istorya, I'm a very obedient daughter, sister, and wife. As a close friend, a best friend I'll be the first person to defend you. When you see me in person you might think I'm the 1st runner up in the "bitch resting face" competition (LOL! yes I admit I'm maldita at times), the silent one! But behind that, I was awarded as the most noisy-talkative one (by my mom), I do have a boisterous laughter (since birth), I'm a joker at times, I sing, dance, cook, take pictures, I love sunsets-sunrise, beach, long trips and food trips.

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      1. Little_Mermaid88's Avatar
        Little_Mermaid88 -
        go bebegirl! chix kaayo sa iyang swimsuit uy!
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        joziliciousbelle -
        Quote Originally Posted by Little_Mermaid88 View Post
        go bebegirl! chix kaayo sa iyang swimsuit uy!
        Luuuh ka diha oieee ayaw vaaah hahaha

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