• A Slice of Pia Pie: In Sickness & in Health

      So, I was supposed to go out of town for four whole days! It doesn’t sound like much, but I was really looking forward to my vacation in Siargao. I live for getaways like these, you know. I had packed my bags along with all the beach essentials I would need, keeping in mind that everything would be a “shore” thing – but well, I was wrong. The world may be my oyster, but sometimes, your health gets in the way.

      The night before going to Siargao, I planned a little dinner with the love of my life since I was going to be away for four days. Yes, four days apart is big for us. Our dinner was nothing fancy, but we thought about checking out Army Navy Burgers + Burritos at the I.T. Park. What with all the fanfare around it’s opening, we figured it’s got to be delicious. Well, our meal was pretty tasty indeed except for the long wait, but you couldn’t care less about waiting when you’re on a really good date, right? As excited as I was about my upcoming vacation, I also knew that in the next four days I’ll be missing this guy big time. So what we were doing was actually spending some quality time together, like most couples do.

      Anyway, when I woke up the next day, I was suddenly feeling feverish. Though, stubborn as I am, I couldn’t let a little fever get in the way. So along with my four fabulous friends, we got on the plane for Surigao. (From Surigao, there’s a ferry that will take you to my favorite tear drop shaped island – Siargao!) We planned to stay one night in Surigao and leave for Siargao the following morning. Though, like I said, my health got in the way. My fever became very high and the oral medicines I took didn’t seem to work, so my friends had to take me to the nearest hospital in Surigao where I was confined for the night.
      The next morning, I hopped on a plane again. Not for Siargao, but back to Cebu and didn’t hit the ground running when we landed, but instead was very weak and sent straight to the hospital. It was a very unpleasant experience since I’ve never been that sick while travelling before. It’s an experience I really wouldn’t wish on anyone.

      So it was obviously goodbye to my supposed vacation. Oh well. You see, after my first trip to Siargao two years ago, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I returned to relax, to get lost and to get inspired. As much as I tried, last year just wasn’t possible because of work matters, so this month was supposed to be my chance to go back and do all those things I had planned. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be four days of vacation stretched into a week at the hospital since I was diagnosed with “dengue”. Imagine, a girl like myself who’s extremely afraid of needles and anything medical, had to face my fears in order to get better. I would much rather be lying down on a mat at Ocean 101 there in Siargao while sipping a fresh fruit shake, though fate decided to put me on a hospital bed instead, so be it. Cest la vie.

      I know God has a purpose for everything so by now, I’ve accepted that my little getaway never materialized. I’m also eternally grateful for my family, friends and of course, my loving boyfriend for being by my side the whole time I was battling with dengue. You guys haven’t failed in giving me the warm fuzzies, so thank you!

      With my boyfriend, we didn’t get to spend time apart anymore, but rather, side by side while I’m tucked into the hospital bed and what do you know, that’s love. I know I probably looked like I got hit by a bus and was styled by a drunken hairdresser the whole time I was sick, but I can see that I am loved. I was acting like a big baby who wouldn’t eat her food or drink her apple juice, yet I am still loved.

      I am aware that there are other experiences more profound than what I have just gone through. Though, without having to go through with this, I wouldn’t be able to see just how much he loves me.

      To my darling, as cheesy as this may sound, I’d like to thank you for taking care of me when I was sick and for finding ways to get me a donor with the same blood type and all your other effort. You truly have showed me that you will love me. . in sickness and in health.

      So dear friends, if you have found someone who will love you in sickness and in health, try not to ever let them go. If you must travel, I wish you all good health and please, always apply insect repellant.

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      Grab a spoon and take A slice of Pia Pie for this column will take you on delectable conversations about love through the eyes, heart and soul of our pretty, perky and young columnist, Pia. Each article is a like gourmet of fun and surprising realizations, relatable experiences for those who are just in a relationship, getting out of it or just into the whole belief that love makes the whole world round!

      About the Writer
      Pia is a twenty-something Cebuana that would have been happy to escape the miasma that Valentine’s Day and all that mushiness brings about this time of the year. Except, Cupid decided it was her time and as hokey as this may sound, she got struck by his arrow not so long ago. The result? She’s been literally high on dopamine. So high to the point that she even challenged herself to start a LOVE column with us here at iSTORYA.NET, no less!

      Although Pia may still be floating on cloud nine, when both feet are on the ground, she’s one driven office gal who happens to love schedules, deadlines and a fast-paced working environment. She’s also been very passionate about writing and is continuously filling her plate with writing assignment – lots of them. However, a LOVE column was the last thing she thought she’d be doing. Well, you can’t blame her for starting one, since the power of LOVE was allegedly one factor that contributed to her going easy on herself. This self-confessed workaholic has learned when to stop and smell the flowers, when to keep calm and carry on and all that jazz, just about the same time she fell in love. Could there be any connection? We bet. For whatever it is, we here at iSTORYA.NET are more than happy to have an additional delicious dish of love experiences. We warn you though, a slice of Pia Pie will keep you coming back for more!
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