• Say Goodbye to Cavities

      Cavities refer to tooth decay which occurs when specific types of bacteria produce acids and destroy the tooth enamel and its underlying layer which is the dentin. To avoid this, it is important to address this so it does not cause more damage over time.

      What causes tooth decay?

      1. Poor Oral Hygiene
      Not observing proper oral hygiene like regular tooth brushing, flossing, and not brushing the tongue is the quickest way to welcome cavities.

      2. Poor Nutrition
      Over consuming sweet, starchy foods such as cupcakes and donuts can cause tooth decay. When sugar is consumed, it interacts with bacteria inside the plaque to produce acid. This acid is responsible for tooth decay because it slowly dissolves the enamel creating holes on the teeth.

      3. Acidic Food and Beverages
      Soda beverages, citrus fruits, and other drinks high in acidity can contribute to the formation of cavities. Donít brush your teeth directly after consuming acidic food and beverages as this can actually do more harm than good. The acid goes on the teeth right away, and brushing will only erode and irritate the enamel further.

      4. Dry Mouth
      A dry mouth increases the susceptibility of teeth to cavities. According to Dr. William Litaker, the lack of saliva can cause an increase in cavities. Saliva lubricates and helps neutralize the acid in the decay-causing plaque. The less saliva, the more chance of developing cavities.

      5. Deep Pits and Fissures
      Pits and fissures are deep grooves that make up the chewing surfaces on the teeth. Although these grooves help you chew, food at times gets stuck. Bacterial film starts to form on the teeth if not cleaned regularly. Itís quite hard to reach this area with a toothbrush, so food and plaque remain in place, which leads to dental cavity. They can be prevented by regularly brushing your teeth. A dentist can also recommend a dental sealant which acts as a barrier protecting the enamel from plaque and acids.

      6. Not Getting Enough Fluoride
      Fluoride, topically applied frequently in low concentrations, increases both growth and size of enamel crystals which lessens future attack of dental cavities.

      7. No Regular Check-Ups with The Dentist
      Having a regular check-up with the dentist can help monitor if there are any developing cavities and can help prevent it from developing further. A routine checkup and regular cleaning are
      musts to maintain good oral hygiene.

      Have your Oral Prophylaxis at Gan Advanced Osseointegration Clinic (GAOC), along with other services from general dentistry to oral surgery, orthodontics, cosmetic and laser dentistry, and pediatric dentistry to name a few.

      Dental surgeon Steve Mark G. Gan D.M.D. together with his highly skilled team of dentists provide gentle, caring and professional care coupled with the most advanced dental equipment and facilities available.

      Book an appointment through 0917 - 840 - 4262 or visit GAOC at the 3/F of SM Seaside Cebu.

      Check www.gaocdental.com for more info.
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      1. tessai's Avatar
        tessai -
        do they take intellicare?
      1. Andrewlang's Avatar
        Andrewlang -
        One More tip is whenever you eat something just rinse right after with water as it will clean 30% of bacteria and dont forget as this doc said morning and evening brush is 101% necessary.. Don't Skip it...

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