• Romancing Boracay on a Rainy Season (How to Survive Boracay During the Rainy Season)

      It was our first time to experience Boracay. My boys (husband and kid) and I were eager to finally visit a place virtually known to almost all Filipinos, well, everyone! Boracay is a name that conjures up images of white sands, blue waters, sunny skies, skinny women, and hunky men. It's a name that might pop up on your mind when people think of relaxation, fun, and of course BEACH!

      We're going to the beach, baby!

      So we traveled from Manila to Boracay via Kalibo to experience what is hyped as one of the best beaches in the world. Of course, we timed it for a tech event like we usually do.

      You see, Third Team Media was part of the organizing team for Geeks on a Beach, a conference for techies and startups last Sep 26-27, 2013 in Boracay. It was a 2-day gathering of geeks and tech innovators. It was the first of its kind to be held on the island of white sands and tourist hordes.

      Armed with our dirty laundry from Manila and a bag of fresh beach clothes, we were ready for the tech gathering and the vacation of the year! We're going to the beach!

      Wait, what?

      When we arrived at Kalibo, we were stunned. I booked the airport transfers but didn't realize that it was going to be one heck of a trip. Manila to Kalibo to Boracay is not a breezy trip. It includes an airplane ride, a bus ride, a ferry ride, then a van to bring us to our accommodation. The travel took us around 4 hours total.

      To highlight our arrival, the rain poured down.

      With the background music in my head to the tune of "Ulan" from Aegis, I accepted my fate and nodded in submission to the instructions of Micah. Micah was our host and the front desk officer of Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds. He briefed us on, where to eat, where to go, and of course, to look out for the flooded street in front of Boracay Regency.

      "Today is actually one of the best days this week," he said. I shuddered.

      So How to Survive Boracay During the Rainy Season?

      From Manila's traffic to Boracay's rains, it has been a tough vacation. My two boys and I survived, in the end. From the stream of cars to the stream of white mud, we realized that having a vacation in the right place at the wrong time could spell the difference between enjoying and, well, trying to survive.

      This list is to prepare you with tips to make you fall in love with Boracay when the sun hides behind an ocean of clouds.

      1. Bring an umbrella and don't forget your raincoat

      The peddlers along Station 2 will sell you raincoats. No worries about buying one if you have the cash to dish out. If you prefer not to spend a dime, bring an umbrella and raincoat.

      This is especially needed if you are not staying along the shoreline and need to be walking along the coast on a rainy day to eat or explore the island.

      2. Don't forget your towel.

      ..because you will get wet not just from the beach but from the rain too! With the baggage limit for Caticlan flights, bringing one might not be an option for you. That's understandable.

      Accommodations may be more than willing to lend you one or two. When we stayed at Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds they were able to let us borrow a couple of towels to bring for our swimming sessions at Station 1.

      3. Bring your colds, cough, and fever medicines.

      I was sporting a cold when I arrived in Boracay. It didn't help much that the weather, when we arrived, was rainy. Good thing was that, we were armed with meds to combat situations like this. I immediately popped a tablet to make the day more cheery. Don't forget one when you travel there during rainy season.

      The weather changes a lot in a day. Mornings can be very sunny but the afternoons could become very nasty with heavy rainfall. So don't forget to bring your meds.

      4. Be prepared for huge waves.

      We walked towards Station 1 to enjoy the beach without anyone peddling us a massage or hair braid or hats. This was how we were able to enjoy the beach to ourselves. We gathered up our stuff and found a spot on the shoreline to lay our beach blanket down.

      When we finally got to dip in the waters of Boracay Island, the waves were crashing on us. It was a tad dangerous for our six-year old so we just stayed within 5 meters from the shoreline and just enjoyed being rocked by the incoming waves.

      The good thing about the waves though is that it was perfect for surfers both wave surfers and kite surfers alike.

      5. Don't be surprised when shoreline restos close down shops.

      We were hanging out at Mamita's Grill eating our very late lunch when the clouds suddenly hovered above the island and caused the very sunny afternoon to transform into a very gloomy one in a matter of minutes.

      The restaurant staff were very quick to cover the windows, close the doors, and remove the umbrellas, signages, and posters outside their restaurant!

      Don't be surprised if they seem to be closed during rainy days. Try to take a peek and maybe the staff and customers are just huddled inside, safe and warm.

      These are just some of the tips that I can share from our first ever Boracay visit. I hope that this will help you prepare for the worst and have at least a wonderful vacation even if the dark clouds are hovering above.

      - By: Fleire Castro
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      1. Cebu Properties's Avatar
        Cebu Properties -
        Been there in this Island so far it's amazing...Really very nice to have vacation here..

        - - - Updated - - -

        Only is that dishes are to expensive but I enjoy my visit there last year....

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