• Quick & Easy Snacks 2: Making your Own KFC Berry Banana Krushers

      There are days when one has to satisfy a craving but just can't. I do have some of those days and when I do, I rummage through what I have in the cupboards and what is inside the ref. most often than not, a creative and imaginative mind is all it takes to make you come up with something extraordinary from the ordinary.


      The inspiration for this recipe is KFC's berry banana Krushers, though this may or may not taste the same as what they have in the store but it is the one where you know that it contains the freshest of ingredients and a cheaper alternative at that too.


      2 or 3 bananas
      6 to 10 tablespoonfuls of strawberry jam, depending on how deep you want the strawberry taste to be.
      2 tablespoon of honey or according to taste
      1 cup plain yogurt
      Mint leaves (optional)
      2 cups of crushed ice or 2 trays of ice cubes

      - Put the banana & the strawberry jam inside the blender and purée it.
      - Add the crushed ice and blend.
      If your blender is the type that has the ice crushing option, add the ice cubes and choose that option, pulse through the cycle until the ice is crushed.
      - Sweeten with honey, according to your sweetness preference and blend.
      - Lastly, add the cup of yogurt, blend for 2 seconds. Then serve.

      Mint leaves can be added as a decoration or as an added flavor. For decoration, top the drink with 2 mint leaves before serving. For added flavor, add the mint leaves together with the ice.

      Serves 4 to 5

      Total cost for Berry Banana
      - Banana (Dole Cavendish) - P53 = P15.2 to P22.8
      - Strawberry jam (1 tbsp = 20g) P50+ depending on the kind you get = P2.5 to P4
      - Honey (1 tbsp = 21 g) – P120+ depending on the kind you get = P8
      - Plain yogurt P150/kilo = P37.5
      - Mint leaves (optional) – P100

      Cost per serving - P13 to P18 vs KFC's Krushers P75





      Yogurt is added last because it thins down when it is blended and I want that yogurt-like consistency thus it is added last, for the texture to be maintained.

      As what I always say, taste is subjective. Try it out! Post here how your experiments turn out.

      iSTORYA Kitchenology
      by Janice Yuvallos

      The iSTORYA Kitchenology is a column of the iSTORYA.NET homepage that talks about recipes and other food experiments! You can also view other discussions at our Food and Dining forums!
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      1. ban-nie's Avatar
        ban-nie -
        Coincidentally, we have those ingredients inside our ref! Aw, except sa mint leaves. I might try this recipe. Thank you!
      1. Galadriel's Avatar
        Galadriel -
        Quote Originally Posted by ban-nie View Post
        Coincidentally, we have those ingredients inside our ref! Aw, except sa mint leaves. I might try this recipe. Thank you!

        mint leaves is an optional ingredient. do try
      1. gierome's Avatar
        gierome -
        ill try this one. mag experiment sad kog lain. hihihihi
      1. hmchua's Avatar
        hmchua -
        wow..i should try this!
      1. hmchua's Avatar
        hmchua -
        asa maka buy ug plain yogurt?
      1. kabisdak's Avatar
        kabisdak -
        wow... i will try this...
      1. jack_guitarfreak's Avatar
        jack_guitarfreak -
        wow ang sarap talaga sa forum na to...
      1. jack_guitarfreak's Avatar
        jack_guitarfreak -
        try this ehehehehe il try this dyud
      1. Galadriel's Avatar
        Galadriel -
        Quote Originally Posted by hmchua View Post
        asa maka buy ug plain yogurt?
        either from the grocery or from firozian near cebu doctor's hospital

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