• PBB Salbabida Program

      As our Covid Heroes in Cebu continue to fight valiantly in this battle against the dreaded Covid-19 virus, Project Balik Buhay (PBB) launches its PBB SalBaBida Program, an urgent appeal to help enable and encourage our hardworking and dedicated Nurses attending to Covid patients across the different Private Hospitals in Cebu.

      While our Private Hospitals in Cebu have devoted so much effort and resources to prepare as best they can, in terms of Covid bed capacities, medications and equipment, to be able to accommodate and attend to all Covid patients needing treatment, it is unfortunate that there still remains the gap of not having enough Nurses to man these available facilities.

      Therefore, to help address this gap and to recognize the sacrifices of our Nurses while supporting our PBB Private Hospital Partners in this time of great need, upon the initiative of the Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas, and through the collective generosity of our PBB Private Sector Foundation-Partners, namely Cristina Lee Dino Foundation, SM Foundation, BDO Foundation, LH Foundation Inc, Juanito King Foundation and Visayan Electric Co., who have stepped up and answered the call for action, the PBB SalBaBida Program will be donating a P15,000 per month additional allowance to every Nurse employed by the PBB Private Hospital Partner who is assigned to attend to Covid patients for the entire two-month period of August and September.*

      This PBB Program is open to all enrolling Private Hospitals in Cebu and to all Nurses directly employed by these PBB Private Hospital Partners, whether as full-time or project-based employees. Interested licensed Nurse applicants may submit their applications directly to the Human Resource departments of all our enrolling PBB Private Hospital Partners.

      As the vaccination rollout in Cebu continues to gain momentum, the fight against the Covid-19 virus continues, and our Covid Heroes need our help, now more than ever. It is our collective prayer and appeal for all Cebuanos to once again rise up to the challenge, for all of us to do our part and to contribute in any way we can, by strictly observing the proper health protocols and by helping protect and support each other, so that we can all get through this pandemic together, safely and sustainably, even as we move forward in our shared mission of saving lives and restoring livelihoods.
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