• Nanay Flor and the Journey of a Bottle

      The Journey Begins

      For many, a field trip to a Coca-Cola Plant during their elementary or high school days was a memorable experience. The highlight of which was getting to taste an ice-cold Coke fresh off the bottling line. To this day, how a Coca-Cola is made (and what it is made of) remains a fascination for most aficionados.

      The journey begins inside the Coca-Cola FEMSA Cebu Plant, where the iconic beverage is produced. From the plant, products are brought to a Coca-Cola FEMSA distribution center. The products are tagged and loaded onto another truck in accordance with the orders of the customers for that day. Then, they are dispatched for delivery to retail establishments, reaching as far as Masbate in Samar.

      Sari-Sari Stories

      A majority of the establishments supported by Coca-Cola FEMSA are small mom-and-pop stores and traditional food outlets referred to as sari-sari stores and carinderias.

      Nanay Flor owns such an establishment. She opened her eatery along the roadside some 30 years ago, treating her customers to a taste of her special tinola. She says she loves her relationship with Coca-Cola FEMSA because they are easy to talk to and are helpful. She narrated how other competing brands have approached her. Trying to get her to partner with them, but she would always refuse. Saying that Coca-Cola is one of her bestsellers.

      “It is seeing success stories such as these that push us to keep improving every day,” said Juan Dominguez, Corporate Affairs Director for Coca-Cola FEMSA Asia Division. “Our business is not just about manufacturing beverages. The lives of millions of Filipinos intertwines with our business, from those that are employed by us, supply raw materials to us, and those whose livelihoods include delivering or selling our products. Their success is our success, and we want to support them every step of the way.”

      The journey doesn’t end

      More than its secret formula and world-class quality, a Coca-Cola, and all the other beverages produced by Coca-Cola FEMSA are actually made up of so much more. It’s made out of love and happiness by the 10,000 people in 19 plants and close to 60 sales offices across the Philippines.

      So the next time you open a bottle of Coca-Cola, remember that it is so much more than the fizzy drink you have loved for so many years. It is the result of the hard work and dedication of thousands of Filipinos whose lives have been helped by Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines.

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