• N.K. Education & Enterprise Summit B.E.A.T. 2022 Slated

      BEAT 2022 is happening in Centerstage in Cebu S.M. Seaside this July 29, conceived by Ng Khai Development Corporation as an event connecting businesses, Education, Arts, and Technology.

      As a fusion of several tech events focusing on technology updates for business and universities they had held over the years, it is an integration of several facets of this year.

      Wilson Ng, Ng Khai Development Corporation President, joined the Cebu Chamber of Commerce's business mission to Tokyo last June as part of Japan and the Philippine governments' promotion to extend both countries' cooperation in outsourcing and anime/ game production.

      The mission was the first to be welcomed in the ASEAN Japan Center in the last two years. Various Japanese companies and consultants eagerly received delegates.

      The whole mission shows that excellence in music, creativity, and arts is now an essential piece of the economy of many countries and will be increasingly becoming a big business.

      This event will not only focus on introducing technology to businesses and education, which we can get our partners in HPi, Lenovo, Dell, A.P.C. Schneider, H.P.E., Huawei, Hikvision, and the likes to do, but we are also introducing a new dimension.

      Under the pandemic for the last two years, working from home became the norm. So companies not only allow employees to work from home. But they discovered that if a person can do great work for a California company while residing in Texas, they don't have to live in the United States, but in any part of the world, like the Philippines.

      In short, B.P.O. on a big scale is growing worldwide, and IT/BPAP gave the study that it grew by over 15% worldwide last year.

      However, other statistics show that the Philippines B.P.O. industry grew only around 10% last year, which means we are losing opportunities. Moreover, these opportunities are not only short-term. Suppose, as many predicted, working remotely becomes the norm. In that case, there will be numerous opportunities for countries like the Philippines, and we have the demographics and the resources to do this on a big scale.

      We have feedback that there has been a significant gap in connecting education with the business industry. As a result, there is a constant need to adjust the education offerings to match the sector's needs, which was the objective of CIB.O, the organization formed by both the B.P.O. organizations and the academe, of which Wilson Ng, Ng Khai President, is a director.

      Thus, BEAT 2022 will present a new twist. Since BEAT 2022 is expected to get hundreds of schools and businesses to attend, there will be an open cocktail in which business organizations and schools can connect and get to know each other in the late afternoon. Businesses, B.P.O., and schools who wish to attend this event can do so for free by registering on this link.

      Because of the limited slots, wait for the email confirmation with a unique code.

      To register, pls click on this link https://forms.office.com/r/mgHzWLzZn4
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