• My Paranormal Romance: Cebuano & iSTORYAn Pride

      Cebuano pride has just been upped a notch with the upcoming movie showing of My Paranormal Romance this February 14 at SM Cinemas. It may have escaped your ears but this news is worthwhile to note, as this movie is Cebuano-made, Cebuano-based and Cebuano-inspired.

      On top of this great news, last November 13, 2011 at RCBC theater, Makati, the movie gained several awards from CinemaOne Originals Film Festival. The movie itself is a finalist to said prestigious awarding ceremony. As follows:

      Best Production Design: Kaloy Uypuanco
      Best Editing: Ruben Aquino
      Special Citation: Director Victor Villanueva

      And as cherry topping to this cake of a news, the cast and crew behind this great movie are all Cebuanos and most of them are fellow iSTORYAns. To name one: The screenwriter of this movie is no other than Dennis "Diem" Judilla, who will also be sharing his experience here at our homepage about Writing the Romance. Doesn't that just make you proud of how talented our forumers are?

      You can check them out and more of My Paranormal Romance at their official website: My Paranormal Romance

      Coming Valentine's Day, don't fail to support our fellow Cebuanos and fellow iSTORYAns. Watch My Paranormal Romance showing at SM Cinemas in Cebu!

      Schedule for Screening:
      Feb 14, Tuesday: 9:30pm
      Feb 15, Wednesday: 7:10pm
      Feb 16, Thursday : 4:50pm

      Movie Trailer:
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      Comments 58 Comments
      1. Dax101106's Avatar
        Dax101106 -
        Nindot ni dah kay maka kita gyud nah ani... Thanks for the post...
      1. Morcego's Avatar
        Morcego -
        Ang Dili Ingon Nato napasalida ba sad dre cebu?
      1. zhaquiri's Avatar
        zhaquiri -
        Haha, mura lagi ni kataw.anan.
      1. handurawan's Avatar
        handurawan -
        i hope this would not be ignored by fellow Cebuanos..... knowing that this movie is a multi-awarded movie.....
      1. thisbe.ara's Avatar
        thisbe.ara -
        the heart is not always right... because it's at the left.. -- epic, kuya diem! just epic! i am so proud of you..

        i'll find a way to watch this movie (you know na where i'm at).
        kudos to all!
      1. Vinellax's Avatar
        Vinellax -
        Nice cinematography
        Nice screenplay , talented cast and production crew. Cebuano pride at it
      1. Vinellax's Avatar
        Vinellax -
        Nice cinematography
        Nice screenplay , talented cast and production crew. Cebuano pride at its best. Lets help support our local talent. Tan.aw ta ani . Trailer palang daan. Lingaw na ..
      1. koyenbrowse's Avatar
        koyenbrowse -
        naa na ni xa sa net? wala TV sa amo gud ^_^
      1. hash's Avatar
        hash -
        yes! absenan ko ni ay. i mean mu-absent ko from work
      1. labyrinthbw's Avatar
        labyrinthbw -
        "ayay, murag kuwang kuwang man ning bayhana"

        "but the heart is never right, because it is on the left"

        waaaaaaahhhh....motan-aw jud ko ani!!!!
      1. mayandy's Avatar
        mayandy -
        tag pila sad ang ticket ani sa SM?
      1. euan's Avatar
        euan -
        Mayta Cebuano pud ang ang ticket price.
      1. fejazir's Avatar
        fejazir -
        nice one...go cebu!
      1. klentoi's Avatar
        klentoi -
        Haha adika =.)
      1. kajrot1's Avatar
        kajrot1 -
        WeW!! nice one
      1. Benji's Avatar
        Benji -
        nindot bha kaha ni suwayan na2 og tan-aw.. pila ang tickets??
      1. beyee's Avatar
        beyee -
        kalingaw ani ui hehehe

        Just spotted a former classmate of mine hihihi..
      1. zoldeck's Avatar
        zoldeck -
        murag lingaw kayo ni dah...lets support our fellow CEBUANOS talent! GO GO GO!
      1. mico1984's Avatar
        mico1984 -
      1. ffprinting's Avatar
        ffprinting -
        nindot nida... tabangan ni nato ug market bhe...

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