• Milk Tea Places from a Converted Non Tea-Lover (Part 4)

      Oh, hey all you tea addicts! For those who are not, did you feed your milk tea curiosity already? If not, then it is good that you are reading this.

      As I said in my introductory post, I was a non-tea lover, making yucky faces when you mention tea—mainly because my first tea experience wasn’t that great and personally, the tea smell and taste instantly repels me. Good thing that I was being nudged literally and verbally by my friends to try out some milk tea places here in Cebu. True enough, I was able to appreciate how these milk tea places play with the taste of the tea to make it as enjoyable as possible.

      For the past 3 days, I have been recommending milk tea places in Cebu that could also convert non-tea lovers like myself to be milk tea believers.

      Here are the links of our previous days’ recommendations (just click the store name)- Heart Tea and Bon Appetea. , Bubble Tea Station.

      And to complete my personal top 4 milk tea stations in Cebu, here’s the one that would really convert you to be a believer of milk teas:

      Must Try Milk Tea Place Part 4 : Tea Religion
      Facebook Page (Like! Like! Like!) www.facebook.com/TeaReligion
      Twitter (Follow! Follow! Follow!) @TeaReligion
      Owner: Terrence Go
      Location: G/F Crown 7 bldg., Juan Luna Avenue, Kasambagan, Cebu city (yellow bldg. Beside The Gallery)
      Operating Hours: 12 noon to 11 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays, and until 12 midnight on Fridays-Saturdays

      With an aim to give customers an alternative to coffee and at the same time bring tea culture to Cebu, Tea Religion was born. We all know that tea is a healthier option than coffee and people can enjoy drinking it in so many ways (in a teapot, hote tea, cold fruit juice tea base and milk tea).

      Tea Religion is named as such because the owners wanted the customers to embrace the tea culture and hopefully be devoted to the benefits that tea brings physically. Thus, when you go to the place, they don’t only serve milk teas or bubble teas, they also have some other products that are tea-based.

      Must-Try Products and Recommendations:
      • Hot Tea- try the Jasmine green tea in tea pot. For the first timers, it is highly recommended as it is the least bitter in all 3 varieties.
      • Hot Drinks in Paper Cups- try the Peach Blossom Oolong, Good Hope Vanilla Red Tea, Mint Field Herb Tea (Green Tea) and Double Green match a tea.
      • Cold Tea Based (best paired with iced jelly or coconut jelly)- I personally like the plain jasmine green tea cold juice. Although their best sellers are the green apple green tea, mango black tea and peach green tea.
      • Milk Tea (best paired with pearls or grass jelly)- original black for those who are accustomed to teas because you can taste the bitterness of tea mixed with milk with and sweetener. Then you can try Hokkaido milk tea because it’s similar to the original black except that the milk used is Hokkaido. For those who want lesser tea bitterness, try the caramel milk tea, taro milk tea, green honeydew milk tea, watermelon milk tea, almond milk tea and more.
      • Other Products: Loose tea leaf served in teapots, varieties of hot teas in cups, cold-juice based tea, yogurt teas, and other speciality drinks. They also serve cupcakes, veggie dumplings, mushroom dumplings and crinkle cut fries.

      Price List: Tea Pot for P80, Hot Tea Cups- P70 to P75, juice-based tea P70 medium and P80 large but some drinks like Yakult Green Tea range from P80 (medium) and P90 (large). For milk teas, it’s P70 (medium) and P80 large, price inclusive of 1sinker. Additional sinkers cost P15 each.

      Sweetness Level: You can choose from no sugar, less sugar, more sugar and full sugar.

      Promos: Loyalty cards are available entitling customers to less P5.00 on their 4th drink, additional sinkers on their 8th drink, free upgrade on the 12th drink and a free drink on the 16th drinks.

      So, that ends my top 4 recommended milk tea places here in Cebu. Unlike me frowning on my lola drinking a lot of tea, my future grandchild (in so many years to come) will say that I’m a cool granny for drinking teas in the most tasteful way possible. Now, I can have a lot of options in drinking my tea and harvesting its benefits.
      Try visiting these places and let me know what you think!
      Do you have any other milk tea places that should be tried out? Let us know and iSTORYA.NET might go out and try them. Enjoy!

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      1. gierome's Avatar
        gierome -
        been here. nice place to hang out.
      1. Marz86's Avatar
        Marz86 -
        yeah. ok ilang tea competitive. try pud tea and symphony sa UC banilad. lami pud.
      1. erick888's Avatar
        erick888 -
        one of this days mo try mi ani
      1. Blazing Hunter's Avatar
        Blazing Hunter -
        lami ni siya? patilawa me beh

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