• Local Tech Startup Launches Online Medical Consultation

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Government and healthcare providers are scrambling to find solutions, while the public is grappling with the effects of the pandemic. Hospitals are flooded with new COVID-19 patients everyday and medical professionals have been working tirelessly even risking their personal safety. But what does this mean for non-COVID-19 people in need of medical help? The world has come to a halt but other illnesses have not.

    Xynapx Technologies, a local medical software startup, has come up with a possible solution to this problem. In an attempt to connect patients who are in need of medical assistance to medical professionals, Xynapx Technologies has developed an online telemedicine and e-consultation service called CloudPx. The service aims to help people find the right doctors for their medical queries online, in order to keep them safe during this community quarantine period.

    For Dr. Ma. Virginia S. Abalos, CloudPx couldn’t have come at a better time. “The Covid-19 pandemic poses a great challenge to physicians and patients alike. Thousands of patients still need medical care, both urgent and non-urgent. We can’t afford an influx of patients for non-urgent care, but we cannot deprive patients urgent medical attention to avoid potential morbidity and mortality. Telemedicine is a great way to bridge the patient to their doctors. Despite limitations, it is an exceptional way to guide diagnosis and treatment. I congratulate Xynapx Inc. for this innovative service. Very commendable!”

    CloudPx functions as the patient counterpart for their existing program, CloudMD. CloudMD is a medical software program that helps doctors organize patient records, schedule appointments, generate patient reports, and oversee admissions, inventory, and billing. CloudPx will supplement CloudMD by giving patients the ability to consult with their doctors through video conferencing, update their symptoms, patient statistics, medical records, receive prescriptions, and even pay through their online portal.

    Aside from putting patients' minds at ease, another goal Xynapx Technologies has in mind is to help our frontliners gather data remotely in the fight against COVID-19.

    According to Xynapx Technologies President and CEO, John Jay Yuvallos, “Our immediate objective is to expand the access of healthcare to every Filipino affected by COVID-19 including those with non-COVID medical conditions. This initiative provides a facility for doctors to continue consults with patients while still observing social distancing. Through this service, we ease the minds of people with medical conditions who need to stay home.”

    “Our immediate objective is to expand the access of healthcare to every Filipino affected by Covid-19 including those with non-Covid medical conditions and to consolidate data that will aid government agencies to proactively identify critical issues before they occur.” COO Rich Arnold Tuadles said.

    The current situation has medical practitioners going door-to-door to collect data such as temperature, symptoms, and other vital statistics, which may be dangerous and can further spread the virus. With CloudPx, data collection can be done remotely by having people update their patient profiles on the platform, which saves time, effort, and potentially lives.

    In an effort to help our medical professionals and patients, Xynapx Technologies will be offering the use of CloudMD and CloudPx free of charge to new users and will waive the fees for existing partners while fighting the pandemic. For doctors who will be using the program, they have the option to receive payment through the PayMaya payment gateway or waive their professional fees.

    If you are a doctor or organization who would like to offer your services via a CloudMD account or an individual who would like to consult with a medical professional through CloudPx, you can sign up through https://cloudmd.com.ph and join their official Facebook page for doctors, https://www.facebook.com/groups/239513873870096/. If you’re a patient who would like to sign up for an account on CloudPx, visit Https://econsult.cloudmd.com.ph. Stay healthy!
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