• Keeping Fit When You Have A Desk Job

      Many of us are working 9 to 5 in an office cubicle and oftentimes you feel tired and sleepy. When that happens, most of us hit the pantry and get a cup of coffee or eat something sweet. The bad thing about it is, we feel more tired after that sugar rush. Worst, it adds to the belly bulge we already have caused by sitting eight to ten hours a day. Now is the time to change all that.

      Having a desk job should not be a hindrance in keeping fit and healthy. Here are great tips on keeping fit when you have a desk job:

      Minimize or avoid sugary drinks.
      It may be tempting to get an afternoon cup of joe or a soda drink at the pantry but as much as possible avoid them at all costs. These sweetened drinks are full of empty calories. If you love coffee like me, try decaffeinated coffee or tea to wake you up from an afternoon slumber. You can also try fresh fruit juices or plain water.

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      Avoid the sweets
      Craving for candies or a donut? Yes they can satisfy your sweet tooth but they donít satisfy your hunger. Much like sweetened drinks, they are also full of empty calories. This is also similar with chips. Instead of the usual chichirya, eat fresh or dried fruits, celery sticks or whole wheat crackers.

      Bring your own lunch
      Remember when you bring your baon (lunch box) to school during your elementary and high school days? Packing your own lunch is much better compared to eating out at fast food chains since you can choose your own healthy food. It will cost less too. If you donít have time to pack your lunch to work, choose healthy foods when eating out with your colleagues.

      Take walks during your one hour break
      Walking is a great exercise so go out and walk. Get some natural sunlight once in a while. That is if the weather is not too hot for you. If not, just walk around the office and have a chat with some friends. Just make sure they are not too busy.

      Take the stairs
      Unless your office is on the topmost part of the building, you can always take the stairs instead of the elevator. This simple exercise is an effective way in burning calories. For those who have cars, park them father away from your office building and take a walk.

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      Do some stretching and chair exercises
      The internet offers lots of chair and stretching exercises you can do in the office. One popular exercise is to raise your feet and align them to your chair, or just stand up and stretch your arms. Our office has a trampoline where my colleagues use to fight off sleepiness. You can have one too. Just make sure you donít disturb or hit anyone while you exercise.

      Try standing while working
      Many companies have used tall tables for the office so employees to stand up while working. You can do the same with your office. You can also use an exercise ball as your chair.

      Find time to exercise
      Busy at work? No problem. Find time to exercise after your shift ends. Hit the gym, jog around Ayala or IT Park or enrol in a zumba class with your friends and colleagues. Exercising not only burns calories but also boosts your metabolism.

      Health is wealth so get up, play the music and letís dance.

      Maria Celeste Abellana
      iSTORYA League of Writers
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      1. yhokz101's Avatar
        yhokz101 -
        This is very useful, in fact I follow most of the advice here. I feel so lethargic all the time sitting almost whole day in front of a laptop/desktop.
      1. aninsky's Avatar
        aninsky -
        Yes, I agree this will help a lot especially to those people sitting the whole day doing their job. Good thing someone published it!

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