• iSTORYA.NET year-end outreach activity: Lunch with the kids at Children's Joy Foundation

      In this season of giving, let us share our blessings with our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

      A simple gesture of visiting them and spending time with them will let them know that someone out there cares for them and would go the extra mile to be with them this season.

      Let us show them that we care, let us reach out to them and spend an hour or two to make their Christmas more memorable.

      iSTORYA is more than just talk, we reach out and bridge gaps.

      Merry Christmas!

      What: iSTORYA.NET Year-End Outreach Activity

      When: 10:00am-01:00pm December 26, 2012
      Where: Children's Joy Foundation(Talamban, Cebu City
      Rendezvous: iSTORYA.NET Office(rm302 MIT bldg #117 Gorordo ave., Lahug, Cebu City - tupad Jollibee JY)

      Assembly time 9:00am
      departure time 9:30am

      Volunteers, Donations and Offerings are very much appreciated...
      - clothes
      - toiletries
      - school supplies
      - old school books
      - toys

      Donations can be dropped off at the office or it can be brought on the 26th.

      Contact/pm Galadriel/beor or just call iSTORYA.NET office at this number 238-3910.
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      Comments 21 Comments
      1. sevmik's Avatar
        sevmik -
        count me in. kitakits!
      1. Cheena's Avatar
        Cheena -
        Awwwe, I want to join... Is it too late?
      1. superidol's Avatar
        superidol -
        karon raq kabantay ani . .
      1. BeoR's Avatar
        BeoR -
        If you have time, please help us in cheering the kids up. If you can bring some stuff for giveaways, that will be great too but what is more important is your presence.
      1. sevmik's Avatar
        sevmik -
        good morning, dayon today inspite of the signal warning?
      1. BeoR's Avatar
        BeoR -
        Yup, dayon. We can't let a small storm ruin a celebration with these wonderful kids.
      1. qnxt's Avatar
        qnxt -
        sayanga la ko kaapil...
      1. czharlloutte's Avatar
        czharlloutte -
        God Bless you guys!!! kuyog nya ko next time work lang karon
      1. czharlloutte's Avatar
        czharlloutte -
        sorry double post*
      1. sevmik's Avatar
        sevmik -
        thanks kaayo for the opportunity! perting lingawa sa games and the kids' performances. until the next one!

        edit: will post a video of the cheer contest in a while
      1. beyee's Avatar
        beyee -
        Love it how we adults give back to the children
        though we are cramped with our busy sked
        coz of the holidays.

        Seeing the kids enjoy the games, party favors,
        food (ice cream, hotdog and popcorn for snacks
        and lechon for lunch) is totally priceless!

        Unforgettable moment for me that tops the charts
        is seeing them perform a medley of christmas carols
        and top 40 hits (of course, gangnam was the finale
        lols) with the bandoria and violin accompanying them.
        They're definitely amazing! Kudos kids!

        Thanks so much Beor, Galadriel and the rest of the mods
        who never forget the fire of compassion to give back
        what they have gained throughout the year!

        Attachment 7492 Attachment 7493

        I'm truly proud to be a true-blue iSTORYAn
      1. Galadriel's Avatar
        Galadriel -
        Daghan kaayong salamat sa mga nitambong ug nigahin ug oras para ani nga kalihukan. Daghang salamat sa mga nidonate.

        Thank you to the following:
        - the life dance team
        - omad & evan
        - chad, shin, stef
        - beyee, sevmik, bailey, cooljux, melvinthegreat, trixie
      1. sevmik's Avatar
        sevmik -
        as promised here's a video of the cheer competition
      1. i_am_fairy's Avatar
        i_am_fairy -
        waaaaaa...karon lang lage ko kabalo ani. wa man ka nag ingon boss..huhu apil ta ko ani.
      1. BeoR's Avatar
        BeoR -
        Photos are now available on our Facebook Page via -> iSTORYA.NET/Lifedance 2012 Year-end Christmas Party with CJF | Facebook
      1. razorblde's Avatar
        razorblde -
        hello guys, we are collecting packs for the kids so we can hand them out before classes start in 2013. We would appreciate if you can help us in coming up with the following items for 50 kids;
        - bags
        - pencils and writing materials
        - crayons and art materials
        - notebooks
        - supplementary elementary reading/books
        - shoes
        - slippers and finally
        - pledges for uniforms

        If you have donations, please drop them at Rm 301 MIT Building, Gorordo Ave. Lahug Cebu City, or for cash donations, you may pm BeoR or Galadriel for paypal/deposit details.

        Daghang salamat.

        - cooljux -
      1. RHEEDISH's Avatar
        RHEEDISH -
        Good job!!!
      1. free_hugs's Avatar
        free_hugs -
        nice one istorya.net! hopefully maka-kuyog sa sunod community outreach activity...
      1. pirehro's Avatar
        pirehro -
        halaaaa wala ko ka kuyog. sayanga oy...
      1. moneyseeker31's Avatar
        moneyseeker31 -
        sayang gnahan unta kog mga ingon ani..hopefully next time mkakuyog nami ako teammate as we are both istoryans...

        and hope that next time, mas i-advance ang pag-post pra mka-prepare ahead of time...hehehe

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